Urgent Meditation for Isis Astara

There is an urgent message from Cobra’s blog indicating that Isis Astara (not sure who exactly this is, although rendering assistance is encouraged for everyone of course, but likely someone close to Cobra and an important person in the liberation process) is currently in critical condition and is seeking prayers and healing for those who feel guided to help with that. If Cobra is posting this on his blog then I must conclude it is important and worthy of sharing:

WLMM (We Love Mass Meditation) has organized a meditation that people can participate in:


Here are the instructions:

“We will do a meditation for her in the next hour at 7:30 PM UTC to help her recovering from this critical condition. Time for this meditation may be revised depending on her situation in the coming days.
You can convert UTC time zone to your local time zone here:
Make yourself comfortable, then visualize Isis Astara surrounded by a pink egg full of energy of Love.
Suggested time of this meditation is about 5 to 10 minutes

You can also use the following invocation  if you wish:

‘I Am the Soul, and I call upon the Source, universal I Am presence, Galactic Center, Galactic Confederation, all ascended beings of Light and Archangels and any other being of Light necessary, and in our name declare and command that all evil and anomalous energies are fully removed canceled banished transmuted and healed from Isis Astara’s whole being, and that the true Light of Source is fully anchored and coming through her whole being, on all time space dimensions and planes and in full totality, as guided by the Source. This is our Will and the Will of Source and therefore it is law, and so it is and so it is and so it is’

Or visualize a vortex of rainbow Light around her.”
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  1. John says:

    Glarus, Switzerland


    April 16th-17th, 2016

    By Cobra and Isis Astara


  2. DragonHeart says:

    Is this correct 7pm UTC is 11am PST

    I missed it. i will wish her quick recovery.

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