Just Some Observations

I am just going to be ranting in this post on some amazing and also disappointing observations that I have made over the years, especially in regards to the truth/awakening community. I am by no means perfect myself and certainly do not intend to be considered as a voice of authority. You are the voice of authority in your own lives. I would also add that what I am saying doesn’t apply to every person in the world, but it might apply to you.

With that said I want to say how amazing I think humanity is. They have such great potential if they would exercise the same behavior among one another as ants do. I watched a documentary on ants once, they are so badass! They will create a bridge made up of themselves in order for the others to cross some kind of gap to where they want to go. We did this with our Solar Eclipse meditation last year. The feeling of being connected to so many people with a single goal was truly beyond words. And of course this is happening everyday but in smaller numbers.

Just like Thor from the Asgard Race from Stargate SG-1 said about humanity AKA the Fifth Race: “You have great potential.”

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing people at various points in my life. People who might be considered ‘hard’ or ‘troubled’ at face value. The truth is, people are much kinder and beautiful than the news makes them appear. Deep down everyone wants and needs the same thing, LOVE. It is what makes the world go ’round.

But there is so much that humanity needs to learn. They need to learn to take responsibility for their lives and make genuine attempts to better themselves. For example, at work we have small bins to recycle paper products and one at the front of the room for bottles and other plastics. I can’t tell you how many times I find a recyclable water bottle or piece of paper in the trash can RIGHT NEXT TO THE RECYCLING BIN.

This seriously makes my blood boil. I have called them out on it and of course, their reaction is to take offense. They perceived my comment as an attack. What can someone do? I recycle everything. Every single little thing. I have done so for a year or two now and it has become a habit. I take my things to the public landfill and separate everything into the proper bins. Why aren’t more people doing this, even in small amounts? It’s not difficult. Each of you could do this if you really wanted to.

The name of the game here is evolution. Part of evolution is turning education and knowledge into practical action in your life. A great example is reducing the use of animal products in your life. If you love your dog or cat or which ever pet you have, why would you continue to participate in an obvious Cabal industry such as animal agriculture (factory farming, where 99% of meat comes from which is basically a Nazi torture chamber) ? These industries are anti-life and therefore anti-evolution.

I also notice that people are very focused on a bombshell action report or video instead of taking the time to improve themselves in the ways previously mentioned, among other ways. There is obviously an imbalance here where many are fixated on the ‘THIS IS IT’ headline rather than spiritual development which will provide a much more fulfilling life experience in the short and long term.

Many people seem to be subconsciously/consciously desiring/expecting a Michael Bay (lots of explosions) style experience of The Event, instead of what it will actually be – which is a smooth transition. I think it’s a great idea to stay informed, but to refresh Cobra’s (or anyone’s) blog 50 times a day is not contributing to anything constructive.

This is just something I’ve noticed from making action-style videos and more calming videos. The action-style videos are much more popular. BTW this isn’t an experiment that I am running, I don’t have the free time for that, this is just one of the things I’ve noticed when interacting with people on the Interweb.

One of the most important things you can do for the planet is to work on yourself. This is not just an empty phrase but a call to action for the benefit of not only your brothers and sisters here, but most importantly YOURSELF. If I asked you to list all the people in your life that are important to you, how long would it take you to mention yourself? At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. There may be loved ones and friends around you that help you, but the person that each of you depend on the most is yourself.

Invest in yourself, learn to appreciate/love yourself, pay attention to your health, take note of the beauty of your existence, express gratitude for what you already have now – a small apartment would be considered a palace for someone in another country or even a homeless person on your street.

I see that many are probably still consuming sodium fluoridated water (and anything that has a base ingredient of water; soda etc.) which causes very strong apathy in the person consuming it. I remember going hiking once and feeling very out of it before beginning on the trail. I had been consuming a lot of sodium fluoridated water and I had apparently finally reached a point of maximum dosage. I had done a little research on the toxicity of sodium fluoride and thought that this might be contributing to this grogginess.

After drinking distilled water for a while I began to feel better and my mind was clear for the first time in my life. My mental clarity spiked through the roof and everything was transparent to me. I would go on to take a lot of action after that (passing out fliers, protesting and making/distributing several hundred pieces of Orgonite throughout AZ and the world, starting my meetup group and starting this blog, etc.)

Apathy + Fear = Inert (zombie-state)

I try to keep my frustrations to myself, but I had to get them out this time. I know most people will likely disregard this post because there is no intel here. But in the remote chance that someone decides to change even a small part of themselves because of this, then I will consider it a success, although I am not reaching for that here. I am just expressing myself and sharing my observations as I mentioned before.

Of course people will do what they will because they have Free Will and this is one of the most important and fundamental rules that governs the Cosmos. Hopefully people will use it wisely and for the benefit of all. Remember, you are beautiful and you are worth your own time!

My great-great-grandmother wrote a wonderful poem about this exact subject which I will close to this article out with. Much love everyone.


“I looked into man’s heart, peered deep within,

Appalled at his capacity for sin.

I looked again, amazed, I breathed a prayer

Beholding depths of love and beauty there.”

PS For those who are interested, I found a great guided meditation which helps with any frustration that you might be experiencing in your life. It is not just a bunch of swearing, but an actual method of relief from daily activities on quarantine Earth. It has helped me many times (working in a hospital will grind your gears like you can’t imagine!)



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  1. Interesting comment on work colleagues there.

    I don’t know what can be done about our types of people and ‘work situations’. Not meant to talk about work and can get disciplined for the most minute thing on facebook if someone wants to but at the same time we must be able to express ourselves and find some sort of … wisdom, that can be gained from the experience.

    At least making music can help. One of my lyrics:

    ‘They don’t even want to let me go- oh- oh. They hate me, that much!

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