Intel Update from David Wilcock/Q Posts/Other Synchronicities

David has written one of his famous lengthy articles which includes some interesting information about current events and some intel from his insiders. About 70% of it is mostly review so I will just be posting the up-to-date information he provided.

I would like to add that Q has been posting with the signature of 11/11/18 recently. Someone posted somewhere that this was the date World War I ended:

As an additional synchronicity to the 11/11, this happened to be post number 1234:


Also, this particular post is number 22201 and David’s happens to be a similar collections of 1, 2 and 0s:


After searching for 11/11/18 on Google, I found that this 11:11-18 is a group of verses in Revelation which are quite relevant to this situation. Q has posted bible verses in the past but it is unclear if the 11/11/18 is meant to be a date or something else. It seems that there is always room for interpretation with Qs posts. Thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love as always!

(Divine CosmosCritical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now

“The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.


He also posted a very interesting video on April 5th, where he was popping champagne and saying that it was all over… the Deep State was finished.

In this video he reveals that he was working with Alliance members, who told him the things he was reporting on were true and asked him to continue.

Here is an embedded link to the video if you want to watch the whole thing:


In this video, among other things, David reveals that the NXIVM cult was involved with the Deep State, using B-list actresses to recruit children and young women as sex slaves.

He was also told that the MS-13 gang was being used by Democrats for targeted assassinations.

At 45:09, he said MSM people will be dropping like flies and disappearing. The reality will be that they have been indicted.

Once the indictments are unsealed, the next step is an arrest.

He also indicated, quite controversially, that the Alliance has now been able to stop most, if not all of the alleged chemtrail activity in our skies.

At 52:30, he reveals that he has seen some of the indictments, including the people who were named, and is very satisfied.

He did say that many people with well-known public names will be arrested, more than you can imagine within the 20,000 plus indictments.

This includes a variety of prominent celebrities who have not yet been ensnared in the #MeToo movement.


In a newer video from April 24th, David reveals that two of the unsealed indictments are already public now.

This specifically is USA vs. Keith Raniere, the head of the NXIVM cult, and USA vs. Allison Mack, the Smallville actress.

You can see that the Raniere indictment was filed on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, but was only unsealed on 4/20.


The next very exciting, independent sign that “Something Big” is coming from the Alliance is in a recent speech Jerome Corsi gave in DC.

Get this: they told him they had spoken to Donald Trump, and after an in-depth discussion, he agreed that he would run for President.

They agreed that if he would run, they would conduct their coup d’etat as a legitimate process. This pact between military and Trump has held, he said.


Corsi goes on to say that Q Anon is a product of military intelligence, and is close to Trump.

At 12:20, he said he has been in contact with an anonymous silicon valley insider,  and they have exchanged extensive emails.

This insider told him that every single major tech giant — FB, Google, Twitter, YouTube – is a CIA creation. They were funded by the CIA.

They are all considered dispensable. Mark Zuckerberg is in the ejection seat, as we are seeing with his recent Congressional hearings.

He also said the real power is found with companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems – who make the bridges and the infrastructure.


The second-to-last piece of interesting scuttlebutt I want to focus on here is an Alex Jones video from April 22nd.

In this video, Alex interviews an insider who has worked for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works named Zach.

Here is a transcript from the end of the video, where things get quite exciting.

More than I have ever seen before, Alex Jones is addressing the space program aspects of The Fundamental we have been discussing.


20:32: Zach: It’s so unprecedented, the changes in history that will be… You just cannot tiptoe around this. It’s either all or nothing.

AJ: And that’s why the Democrats are so desperate. They have committed such galactic crimes that they’ve just… they’re cornered.

Zach: You just hit it right on the head. This is a galactic gold mine, and that is it.

Everything that is occurring is stopping us, like you spoke about at the front, some of the stuff I’m involved with in think-tank engineering….

They [the Deep State] have to do everything they can to stop us from going multi-planetary.

Once we go multi-planetary, there is a real issue in the cultural narrative, a real issue in what we look to as the cultural references.

[There are] real issues in the economy when it comes to mining certain precious metals and minerals. Everything changes.

AJ: And big disclosures are about to come out, and they want to be in charge when the disclosures happen.

Zach: One hundred percent. They are pulling out… they played the Jack of Spades.

AJ: That’s what I’ve been told since I was a kid, and we are here right now. [Ends show]


The Alliance insiders speaking through Corey Goode have indicated that Zach is the real deal, and it sounds like it to me.

Everything Goode’s sources are saying is lining up with what we heard from David Seaman, Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones and the insider Zach.

I was very strongly encouraged to get back in the game, as it is “Now or Never.”

Lastly, the latest Q Anon briefings are also predicting that we are about to see the Mother of All Bombs dropped on the Deep State.

This is indicated with the use of the acronym MOAB.


Here is what Q Anon posted less than a week ago now on Saturday, April 21st, over the course of 34 minutes:

Apr 21 2018 15:10:43 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133332

What will next week hold? MOAB. Q

Apr 21 2018 15:15:51 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133464

Fire up those Memes! Please stand by. On the clock. Ready to play? MOAB incoming. Q

Apr 21 2018 15:40:05 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133862

They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed. Lost now (awakening). They keep them enslaved.

Apr 21 2018 15:44:08 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133942



Our site definitely seems to have undergone a massive hack attack after the posting of this article.

We could not log back in to talk about the event that unfolded on Friday — the last day of the week that was flagged by Q Anon.

Amazingly, during this time, peace talks were held between North and South Korea.

This led to the presidents actually smiling, holding hands and even hugging:

This is significant because North Korea was one of the last “bogeymen” in the pocket of the Deep State to threaten America and the world with global war and disaster.

I spoke to David Seaman on the phone after we landed here for the New Living Expo and asked him if he thought this was the “MOAB” or just a taste of it.

He said this was definitely not the Big One, but a nice sign in the right direction.

Bear in mind that once the Deep State’s proxy armies are taken out, they have no significant way to try to wage war and create “false flag” events.


I just had a very, very impressive synchronicity.

I wrote the above headline, and at the EXACT SECOND that I hit the question mark, David Seaman texted me.

He said, “Time schedule moved up. This week. Should be some big disclosures re… Cabal this week.”

Other specifics I will refrain from for operational security.

This was truly jaw-dropping.

Here is what I was about to post from the latest Q Anon briefings:

Apr 28 2018 22:52:19 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1229092>1228857 Godspeed, Patriot(s). Stay strong. Stay united. BOOM week ahead. Q

Apr 29 2018 11:17:29 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1233553
>>1233458 … The hard part is coming to an end. The next phase will bring JUSTICE. Q+

Also notice that the original Q post about the MOAB had a “quint” on it as well, 1133332, and there was a numerical synchronicity in the time of the follow up also:

Apr 21 2018 15:10:43 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133332

What will next week hold? MOAB. Q

Apr 21 2018 15:15:51 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 1133464

Fire up those Memes! Please stand by. On the clock. Ready to play? MOAB incoming. Q


I just got off the phone with David Seaman and heard a variety of things he is getting from his own insiders.

Most of what is going on he could not talk about over electronic communication, which I totally understood.

He said that some very major disclosures were planned for this past week, but were held off because of Korea.

Apparently, the Korea situation resolved into these peaceful accords much faster than had been anticipated.

As a result, the decision was made to allow a “news cycle” to play out where this was absorbed by the public before moving to the next step.

Unless some other very strange and unexpected things happen, this coming week should be….


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