Some Significant Metaphysical Concepts Provided in Dreams

Ever since I was a kid I have been able to experience vivid and meaningful dreams along with a good ability to recall them. Recently, especially in the last few years, ‘they’ have gifted some amazing experiences in the dream state which have provided much wisdom and knowledge which can be applied to everyday life. I would like to list these concepts and a short summary of the dream that went along with them:

  • What It’s Like To Be A Guide

I had a dream some years ago where I was watching over two teenage twin boys. I was floating above them in their room and watching what they were doing. I realized I had the ability to strongly guide them to do what was, in my opinion, their best interest. They were fighting about something but I don’t remember what they were arguing about.

They had free will so they could veto my guidance but I had a lot of control. I would say it felt to be about 49% is what I could influence, but they had the free will to do what they want so they had 51% control.

So if you ever feel a strong guidance for something, it would be wise to apply discernment and perhaps yield to this feeling as ‘they’ can see everything that is going on with all the different moving parts of different beings and activities.

  • The Only Thing In The Universe Is Literally Yourself

This dream was very significant because I experienced Oneness in a way that I never had before. I was looking at a dark human-ish looking silhouette in space. It was me, and I knew that I was the only thing in the Universe. A feeling of loneliness came and lingered for a short while after this. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why ‘we/us’ created so many pieces of ourselves.

  • Exit Points (Leaving the Physical Plane)

If you research reincarnation and the death process from a spiritual perspective, you will inevitably come across the concept of Exit Points. Everyone plans out most of everything they are going to do on the physical plane (minus Archon interference) and this includes your death AKA exiting from the physical plane. Many people have around 3 exit points throughout their life and these can change based on your free will and what you want to continue to do here.

This brings me to a dream I had when I was on the porch of a cabin in the woods (freaky I know!) and it was the evening time. All of the sudden a man approaches me with a knife and the next thing I know I am above my body and time stops.

I am given a choice, do I wish to continue to live on the physical plane and survive the stabbing? Or leaving the physical plane and die from the stabbing? Either way I had to experience it… (so wonderful I know). I chose to stay and I went back into the body and then I don’t remember anything.

  • Being a Ghost

We have all seen movies and TV shows where discarnate beings are able to exist and sometimes interact with the physical world. I recall a dream where I had apparently died and was wandering around outside a restaurant trying to communicate with my friends. I tried to tell them I was okay but they couldn’t hear me. I knew I was dead. I think they were talking about how they couldn’t find me or that I was gone.

To me this gives a lot of credit to those beings who cross over but do not believe they are dead (this concept isn’t really taught here in the West, but it is catching on) so they wander and try to communicate to those around them who they knew but still don’t know what to do with themselves.

Or perhaps someone experienced a violent death and they are still existing in that state of consciousness without anyone helping them move on. This might explain haunted locations and unusual activity in some places.

I’m sure there is way more than this but this is likely just a small piece of what happens.

  • Manifestation

After experimenting successfully with Lucid Dreaming I have learned how to manifest even better than what you can find on the web.  (This is where you are conscious of your thoughts and are awake and aware of what’s going on in a dream where you have total or most of the control of your surroundings).

Many people already know how to do this but Lucid Dreaming makes learning how to do it so much easier because you actually see the results instantly. Visualization is key as is verbal repetition/affirmations (I manifest ——-) coupled with strong love/benevolent emotion, especially on the physical plane, where everything manifests more slowly.

Try to think of your waking life as a dream world but everything manifests much slower. This will strengthen your mind to new heights that you didn’t know were possible. You become Neo as you learn that everything around you is malleable.

Image result for manifest

Right now I can’t think of anymore dream concepts that would be added to this post. Perhaps someone somewhere found this at least interesting, that would be a most excellent accomplishment. Thank you for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love always.

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  1. True George says:

    Usually when one confronts death and die in a dream they wake up at the point the death took place…..

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