Victory Poem by My Great-Great-Grandmother

It’s amazing how some of her poetry echoes into to the events happening today, especially in regards to The Event. She lived through both world wars and held a high level of intelligence so it is not surprising that she is able to see through the needless desire for war and she expresses this in her poetry. So far I’ve found some of these poems to be quite prophetic. I hope you will all enjoy this particular poem called ‘Sometime’. It is basically describing life after The Event. Much love everyone!

‘Sometime’ (1958 from Overtones by Grace B. Davis)

“Sometime the skies will be more fair,
The days be longer, free from care;
Somewhere the saddened lips will smile,
And every effort made worth while.

Somewhere our tasks will be complete,
Then, travel-worn, our aching feet
May rest beside cool waters there,
Forget the burning touch of care.

No more shall sorrow bow the head
In sobbing grief above our dead.
No bitter word, with cruel dart
Bring bleeding wound to gentle heart.

Then tortured bodies racked with pain
Shall be made strong and whole again;
The crippled limbs be straight, and sight
Restored to eyes that knew not light.

At last the heartless guns shall cease,
And all shall walk the paths of peace,
Where sheaves are garnered, larks shall soar,
And cruel men make war no more.

Sometime, somewhere…we know not when.
Our God shall reign in hearts of men
Rejoicing then, our souls shall see,
The dawn of life and liberty.

That glorious dawn will rise to be
Rebirth of man’s equality,
When justice wields her sceptre bright
An endless reign of truth and right.”

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