Short Synchronicity Report

Yesterday I was strongly guided to pour an orgonite pyramid for the new all-vegan grocery store near-by:


After making a quick stop at the bank (which has moved to a different suite which encodes Pi) there was cab number 1111 waiting outside:


While waiting at the bus stop I noticed the bus across the street was bus number 5040, so here is the 504 appearing along with the phrase ‘Find Your Way Back Home’ on it:


Then after going to the store and talking to them for a little while I was guided to walk down the road and eat a couple of things I got there.

After turning a corner I realized I was going to be eating in front of the Glendale Masonic Lodge:


Recently I have been having strong guidance and dreams in regards to the Freemasons. I think I am supposed to visit them or something but I am not 100% sure. Perhaps this was a sign that this would be happening in the near future. Time will tell of course. Thanks for checking this out everyone and much love!

PS after checking the mail I got a booklet from the Phoenix Symphony with a cover that says “Brace Yourself”:


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