Just Got a Copyright Strike on my Vimeo Account on a Video from More Than a Year Ago

This is pretty crazy…I always thought Vimeo was a safe place to upload my videos in case CensorTube decided to block them due to copyright laws.

What’s crazy is that I have a strike on my account now, and if I get 2 more then the account will be deleted. Additionally, if I fight back and submit a counter appeal, I could be subject to a lawsuit:


“…you may file a counter-notification through our online form. Vimeo will forward a copy of your counter-notification to the claimant. The claimant then has ten (10) business days to inform Vimeo that they have filed a lawsuit against you. If Vimeo does not receive such a notice, we will restore your video and the strike associated with it…”


So wtf. The only avenue I have if I decide to challenge this strike is to risk having a lawsuit filed against me? And what happens when they do that? Do I have to appear in court? Will my account be terminated?

There is another option, to e-mail the company claiming the copyright infringement. And I have done that, so we will see what happens, although I am not optimistic.

The craziest part about this is that this video that they took down was uploaded September 25th 2017, more than a year ago. It was the Mothership Party 432Hz video. And hilariously, this is still up on YouTube as of the time of this writing…

It seems that there may come a time when I will not be able to use YouTube or Vimeo at all if this continues. I know these video are powerful, and that they help people. So I can see why the Cabal might go after them. Perhaps there is another platform I will be able to use that isn’t subject this kind of nonsense.

Anyways, this is everything for now. Just to spite them, here is the censored Mothership Party video! Much love!


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4 Responses to Just Got a Copyright Strike on my Vimeo Account on a Video from More Than a Year Ago

  1. ila says:

    bloody monstar the copywrite claimer don’t upload any movies, or serial nor they want other people upload.

  2. MS says:

    Their copyright procedure is HORRIBLE! They take your video down BEFORE asking if you have a license, just like Youtube does. F*ck Vimeo.

  3. truthearth says:

    Yes their time is coming soon 😉 Thank you LM <3

  4. lmamer says:

    So silly and desperate of them. Stay strong brother XO

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