Some Interesting Synchronicities Today

Some of these won’t be as hard-hitting as the other ones but I am being guided to share them anyways. Today’s verse is as follows:


We find another 555 repeating in the gematria value for this verse:


This number (minus a 5) appears as the run time for ‘Justice is Coming 432Hz’:


And now here is the interesting part. There are some television shows which feature huge personal synchronicities, some of them pretty unbelievable. Of course this isn’t just happening to me, there are others that get information from sources of media like that.

So today, October 17th 2018, is the 290th day of the year:


And I was guided to go and watch ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ just a little bit ago and while I was scanning through season 7 I noticed an episode which corresponded to today’s date. It was season 7 episode 13 titled ‘Prophecy’ which had to do with a group of old Klingons who thought one of Voyager’s crew member’s baby was the Klingon Messiah:



If we type in the day of the year = 290 (today) we see that it is position 713 in Pi:



This combination of three numbers (1, 3 and 7) have presented themselves in the most amazing ways in the details of this incarnation I am experiencing. Each number by itself is metaphysically significant, which is what one will find when researching numerology. Another example of this is when we plug in the mirror of 713 into Pi = 317, we get 137, another variation of these three numbers:


This is everything for now, much love all <3

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