Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Today’s verse encodes Pi at least three times as you will see. This comes a day after I just finished an article detailing how magnificent this infinite sequence of numbers is.

Today’s verse is as follows:


We see Pi in the verse numbers themselves, including the 1 behind ‘John’. This would look like 1514, which is military time for 314.

Next is the gematria value of this verse = 368:


We get Pi from this number by adding the 6 and 8 which equals 14. Add the 3 and we get 314.

We also see it in Pi when we type in the verse number = 514:


Then if we type in today’s date (21/10) into Pi in day/month format we get some interesting values:


Here we see another combination of the 1, 3 and 7 which have been appearing frequently throughout these works. 2110 is also found directly behind 555, another sacred number. There are others in this sequence of numbers but I would just bring attention to those at this time.

This is everything for now, much love all!

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