New Video: Take Me Away 432Hz

I found a remix of this wonderful song last night and I was guided to make it into a video. It is dedicated to the hard-working starseeds that need an upbeat song to help them through these times. I know upbeat techno songs aren’t everyone’s flavor but I’m sure there will be other uplifting videos coming in other genres.

Additionally, there were a couple of synchronicities with this song. The length happens to be 413 (Pi backwards) and was uploaded March 14th (3/14). So here Pi appears twice:


This is in concert with today’s synchronicity report and another article I just wrote about regarding this wonderful number. Here’s the video, hope you enjoy it! Much love!

*Epilepsy Warning for this video*

*Headphones recommended*

PS I thought this video was going to be quite easy to put together, however, it ended up taking literally 9 re-renderings to fix little things that didn’t synch up with the music. Oy!





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3 Responses to New Video: Take Me Away 432Hz

  1. Moon Mama says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I love all of your amazing videos❤️..
    Thank you so much!

    While on youtube today (11/4), I was unable to find any of your friend Arbre Solaire’s videos…then noticed a couple of people commented on Cobra’s blog that Arbre’s channel was gone and all his videos were deleted!! I assume the darks had a hand in this 😒 … Just thought you should know if you didn’t already. So sad….

    I hope you’ll have a backup channel- just in case…

    Love and Light to you always❤️✨

    Moon Mama

  2. lmamer says:

    Awesome! Thank you 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    What a rush in my body, amazing!
    I reading your blog everyday, keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Sweden!

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