Just a Couple of Interesting 11/11 Synchronicities

This will be a short post. I got a notification that a couple of books I rented were due back at the library. I thought, crud, okay I gotta drive back into town and all of that. But I learned in the e-mail that I can renew them online. Sweet! So I did, and when I renewed them I got an interesting hit. They are now due back on 11/11, three weeks from now:


The next weird thing was at the exact moment I hit ‘enter’ to login to my online library account my RV door suddenly swung open on its own. And I’m talking about at the EXACT moment. Not a millisecond more or less. Then I thought, okay maybe it’s a sign that a door/portal is going to open or an opportunity is going to arise on 11/11.

I think this is going to be a big day for everyone here on this planet. I have no idea how or what it will look like, if it will look like anything. But it will be interesting to see how it plays out. This is everything for now. Much love all!

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