Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Just a reminder that these bible verses are chosen at random by the website I get them from. So far there have been stretches of days where every verse has some kind of sacred geometric number or sign hidden within its words or verse number. Some days there is nothing to report. But today is a continuation of this stretch of synchronistic information:


The verse number here is 411 from Revelation. And if we see this as military time it would be seen as 1611. And if we see 1611 as a year, then this would be the year that the King James version of the bible was translated. And from this version of the bible are these verses derived from. This number continues to appear in the most interesting ways, indicating that this is the correct path to be on.

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Next we see Pi appear a few times, hidden just beneath the surfaces of the next numbers. First is the amount of letters in this verse = 114. This number, if seen as military time, would look like 1314, so here is the first instance of Pi.


Next are the gematria values = 1368. If we add the 6 and 8 we get 14. So this would look like 1314, Pi again.

The next gematria value 9576 will result in the same value, except backwards. If we add the 9 and 5 we get 14 and if we add the 7 and 6 we get 13. So this looks like 1413, Pi backwards.

We will find the sacred 144 next to 9576 when we plug this number into Pi:


We even see a 314 when we move one number to the left before the 144. Amazingly, we even find Pi again when we look up the meaning of this combination of numbers we have seen on the Angel’s Numbers website:


The meaning for 1314 was posted at 4:49. If we add the 4 and 9 we get 13, so here we would see it as Pi backwards 413.

And one last thing, if we plug into today’s date October 22nd (10/22) into Pi we see the sacred 369 appear:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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