Short but Big Synchronicity Report

If you can believe this, Pi has appeared yet again a few more times when I went into town today to do a few things. I was guided to wear all white today, so I know some big synchronicities (or perhaps ‘something’) were going to happen today.

The first thing was when I opened by blog stats when I got home. As of the time of that screenshot I had 314 views on this blog:


Next was when I was on my way to the recycling place to drop some things off and on the way there, about a mile and a half away from the recycling center, was mile marker 314:


The next one, which made me chuckle, was on the example receipt on a survey home page for Big Lots. It showed 3:14 PM. It’s a little blurry but it’s 3:14 alright:


The next example has to do with today’s date which is October 22nd. This is the 295th day of the year:


And as I was on my way to town I noticed that I happen to live right next to mile marker 295 (I pulled over on the way back so I wouldn’t have to walk up there later):


Adding this part later on today. So I just got a notification about my health insurance through the state which I was recently approved for. And if you can believe this, I almost couldn’t, the address of the insurance company is 410 N 44th St. So here we see the sacred 410 appearing once again:


Adding this next part in later today. After listening to a couple of Dolores Cannon’s lectures online I decided to research the name of her publishing company ‘Ozark Mountain Publishing’. The oldest UFO conference in the United States is the Ozark UFO conference held every year in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas where Dolores would speak and even became the Director of in 2013, just a year before she passed away in 2014.

After being guided to plug ‘Ozark Mountain’ into the gematria calculator I found some amazing results:


First we see 1681, which is the root number we get when we multiply 410 times 410. And of course we all know the significance of 1111, which appears at the same time. So here we are seeing two sacred numbers appearing. This is also in tandem with a dream I had where Dolores and I were meeting and talking in a library (she has said this is one of her favorite places to be):

(My Dream Journal) September 14th, 2017 (Regular Life) (Contact with Dolores Cannon)

“Had a wonderful meal and talk with Dolores Cannon. We ate in a library. We discussed how people were giving her credit for ascended abilities they already had. Her and I both had ascended abilities there. We had a traditional meal with meat and mashed potatoes and it didn’t bother me. After a while we got tired of eating and I recommended she go outside as it was beautiful out there.”

Then, if you can believe this, I decided to plug-in ‘Ozark Mountain Publishing’ into the gematria calculator and I got 295, which is the day of the year today:



This is everything for now, much love all!

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