George H. W. Bush Dies 11/30, Had Dream About Him 11/25

So I just found this out from the QAnon posts where Trump shared a tweet about George H. W. Bush dying yesterday. This is very interesting considering I had a dream about him that I was guided to document but not publish here in addition to a dream where I saw Cabal members being tried and hanged on a cruise ship just two days before on November 29th:

I would reiterate another dream where I was at his son George Bush Jr.’s cabin with Barbara Bush where they tortured people:

The dream about him didn’t involve him dying or anything but there was violence which took place at one of his mansions:


November 25th, 2018 04:09 AM

“I remember trying to sell someone at my school a gun I had. We agreed on a few prices. It was a regular and legal trade. After school was over I went and used my laptop near the private helicopter of the just arriving George H. W. Bush.

One of their security detail asked me what I was looking at online and I said I was trying to sell a gun. There were kids present also and the man thought and gestured okay that’s enough of this conversation and walked away.

Then all of the sudden I found myself in the helicopter and taking a ride with what I thought was the family of George H. W. Bush.

The sun was out and the home was large and beautiful. We flew over acres of well-maintained land. Then we land and I remember someone else wasn’t part of the family joining me and them in a tour of the house by the son. The son took us on a long tour and I started to get suspicious of him.

We walked past the kitchen and into his room and we talked for a minute and all of the sudden he grabbed a giant book and tried to knock us out with it. He misses us and then we run to the kitchen and grab some knives. I grabbed a smaller one and put it in my belt for later and grabbed two huge knives. I swung at him with them.

Next thing I know the son is now the daughter in appearance is pursuing us outside. I manage to get in some good cuts but she continues to come after us.

I remember seeing countless cameras on the ground outside. Perhaps ones of previous victims.

Then I managed to get a knife deep into her stomach. But she still lived. We were just about to get over this cliff area that wasn’t their property. We were about to be free but then I woke up.”

So it appears that this might be another dream where I am experiencing the perspective of one of the victims of these evil families. But the fact that this occurred just before George’s death is interesting. This is becoming a common occurrence in the last several years. More and more prophetic information is coming through and I am doing my best to share it responsibly.

This is everything for now, another one bites the dust everyone, this is good news for humanity. Much love!

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  1. Ludwig says:

    He must have cursed a lot when he saw the Light of One.

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