More Jesus, 410, 33 & Other Synchronicities

This will be a collection of synchronicities that I have been guided to document. The first is a continuation of the appearance of the number 33. This appears in today’s synchronistic bible verse:


Next are synchronicities related to today’s date 12/1 or 1/12 if we use the day/month format. If we plug in 112 into Pi we get 709:


There are several interesting synchronicity values related to this number, including it being the date I began compiling these synchronicity reports, which I have called ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’:

If we plug in 12/1 into Pi we get the next position over = 710. And we could see 710 as a date in day/month format 7/10 and this was the date the Jesus Synchronicities began (with a bible verse I got in a dream):



The next piece of information I was guided to was to further analyze the gematria of the Greek name for Jesus (Ιησους Χριστος) which is 2368:


Amazingly, if we multiply these digits together we get 288:

2888282And we know 288 takes position 33 in Pi, which is how many years Jesus allegedly lived:


1/12 happens to be the gematria values for a few different words and phrases which are positive:




Amazingly, if we combine the Hebrew gematria of Genesis 1:1 (2701) plus the Greek gematria of John 1:1 (3627) we get 6328:


(Note: The Greek gematria for John 1:1 wasn’t registering on this calculator correctly and was leaving letters out so the value wasn’t coming out at the right number. But many others have done the work and have found that the gematria value is indeed 3627.)

What is amazing about combining these two numbers (2701 + 3627) is that they equal 6328, which are the same digits of the Greek gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ = 2368 which was included earlier in this article.

So any combination of multiplying them together will also result in 288, which we have established takes position 33 in Pi.

And finally we see a variation of the number 410 in this particular post number which is 820 which is the result of 410 + 410:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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