Dreams About George & Barbara Bush Torture Cabin and Monarch Victim

I am being guided to share a couple of disturbing dreams that occurred over the last few months which depict some pretty horrific scenes from what appear to be the victim’s perspective. Some people who have been following this blog might be aware that sometimes I experience the abuse and torture of other people at the hands of very cruel people through dreams.

These have been included in the dream journal. The fear and horror is so real it is indescribable. I can only conclude that some of them are the actual experiences of people/children who have been subject to their abuser’s torture.

As always I wish each of you much love.

(Dream 1, February 4th, 2018) George and Barbara Bush Torture Cabin

“Many died, he is beyond sadistic. He tortures pigs, babies and people. Barbara Bush was there too, she didn’t care. The cabin is small but luxurious. It is fenced and difficult to escape from.

I saw a pig that had an infection. George used his fingers to pick out the infected parts until its guts were out.

George has many shotguns. I got into a gun fight with him. I don’t know who won. Some people treat him so well, they have no idea. I saw him and experienced him through his victim’s eyes and bodies.

I saw him through at least 5 or 6 more victims and their murders and horrific experiences. I was there.

(Dream 2, March 26th, 2018) Monarch Victim Interaction

I had a dream where I spent some time with a monarch victim. She appeared to be in her 20s and very kind but quite troubled and broken.

I told her about sex kitten programming, about operations to liberate Earth, about the arrests of the Cabal and more.

I asked her to tell me more about what happened to her, but getting her to open up wasn’t easy. She trusted no one. Eventually she showed me the first outfit she wore to a ‘job’. It was a black corporate-looking outfit.

She was only a teenager when she started to sell herself. And when she would talk about it, she got really uncomfortable and put up a lot of deflective behaviors as a defense to protect herself from trusting me and getting hurt again.

It seems like we were talking for hours. Then I woke up and was sad that I had left her.”


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