Some Blue Avian Synchronicities

There appear to be some strong synchronicities and signs related to the Blue Avians that seemed to go over my head until the other day while I was at work. Some months back the hospital asked me to play the piano for a ceremony where an artist would be unveiling a beautiful piece of artwork in the main lobby – which was a pair of multi-shaded blue Thunderbird wings:



We might recall that the gematria value for ‘The Blue Avians’ was 1111:

the blue avians.png

Then something ‘clicked’ while working the other day. This hospital might be ‘their’ work as I have discovered an 1111 on a pole in front of the hospital which I have previously documented:


Synchronistically, this is photo number 321 in my iPod which is another manifestation of a ‘countdown/time’s almost up’ synchronicity and the photo identification number given by the computer is 561, which can be reduced to 111 if we add the 5 and 6. 561 happens to be the beginning sequence of numbers before the 1111 on the pole.

The main color of the hospital is blue, which also happens to be my favorite color! Due to the position I have I am required (happily) to wear blue scrubs.

Now what is amazing is the color scheme of these Thunderbird wings, which are similar but not exactly the same, to the colors seen of the Blue Avians. I have also found that most depictions of Thunderbird are usually, blue. Powerful blue birds:

Image result for thunderbird mythology

And here is a photo I took of the Thunderbird wings in the lobby along with a comparison of the Blue Avians. The wings were quite big so I had to go up a few stairs to get them and myself in the photo:


Image result for blue avians

All of this is just a possible connection of course. But I am learning more and more by the day that Ra (The Blue Avians) have been guiding a great portion of humanity’s activities and progress, especially with the Starseeds, over the last couple thousand years in order to prepare everyone for Ascension/Harvest. It would be a great honor to learn that I had been born and ultimately guided to work at a place that they have created.

Thank you for checking this out and I wish each of you much love as always!

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5 Responses to Some Blue Avian Synchronicities

  1. Scott says:

    The number on the pole is 561111.

    Also, you can do the following:
    5+6= 11; thus, you would have 111111

  2. I have the same synchronicities. The same numbers! 17 703 555 717 etc. Also the blue jays in my yard πŸ’™

  3. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Oops spell checker at it again hahaha!! I meant to say soul “monad” not nomad (lol)

  4. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Hello Jonathan!! I also have this connection to what you call the “Blue Avians”. I had a full lightbody awakening 6 years ago to start working on the planetary architecture through timelines and in the astral.

    The first thing to activate was my Seraphim DNA from the Blue Ray of Creation which is what I believe you are referencing with these blue avians. These are the wings of my lightbody that time travel multidimensionally in the etheric. For those of us that carry this particular lineage it is our angelic presence within our DNA.

    I am affiliated with Mayan ancestry and Quetzalcoatl (who carries the Oraphim angelic DNA blueprint) as we are from the ancient Bird Tribes that we see depicted amongst the ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt, Maya and most other ancient advanced cultures that were closely connected to the spiritual realms with advanced knowledge of consciousness.

    I have connected with my soul nomad and learned that I am from the “House of Ra” and the “Order of the Seraphim” I am sure you are too with all these references you are making and now is the great awakening of our full multidimensional presence.

    Right now we are clearing the timelines from the “original fall” the DNA is being released from the matrix and coming home within to heal. Our angelic blueprints are healing that were stored on the grid of mother earth as we all activate and come back together again.

    I had huge syncronicities with 11:11 as well. Just wanted to share this with you with love as we are all family!

  5. Phranc says:

    Thanks , interesting post

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