New Gaia Portal Synchronicities

For those who are not familiar with them the Gaia Portal energy messages are like short intuitively-derived downloads of how the planet is doing. Sometimes they are quite prophetic and I’ve found them to contain a lot of really good information.

Today’s appears to be one of those messages as it mentions Christ (that everyone has in them):


Second Coming reference?

At the time of the above screenshot there happened to be 33 bloggers that ‘liked’ it (amount of years Jesus lived) and 193 people that shared it. This is synchronistic with the number 193 that appeared in an article I just finished early this morning after being guided to analyze a pyramid-shaped formation in the Sun:


The image of the Sun is being seen at 193 Ångströms (one wavelength commonly used to analyze the Sun) and is the best view out of the 15 others (from January 2nd) to see the formation. The article went into how this formation might be connected to the stargate synchronicities that I have been documenting recently.

The gematria value of ‘I Am Ra Stargate SG One’ is also 193:


The gematria value of today’s Gaia Portal message contains a couple of interesting values, 11003 and 502:


11003 is similar to my birth time which was 11:03 (minus a zero):


11003 is the 1336th prime number:


And if we plug 1336 into Pi we see the same number but with an extra zero (gaining a zero we dropped from 11003?):


The next gematria value for the Gaia Portal message is 502 (502 is 205 backwards and 205 is half of 410).

If we plug 502 into Pi we see it takes position 31 (another big number appearing throughout these works), and we know 31 takes position 137 in Pi (another magic number):

This is everything for now, much love all!

PS After finishing up this article I realized there had been 287 words typed:


And 287 takes position 911 in Pi:


David Wilcock and others have mentioned that 9/11 (September 11th) was the Gnostic birthday of Jesus (perhaps why the Cabal chose 9/11 to do the false flag attack in New York, everything positive or Jesus-related inverted/distorted). Of course we don’t know for certain when he was born but there is a lot of literature which suggests that 9/11 was the date. As always discernment advised with any and all information people come across.

Also, I was guided to listen to these beautiful Gregorian chants and the one I clicked on happened to be published on April 10th:


The title is ‘Dies Irae’ which is Latin for ‘Day of Wrath’ which seems to be in step with these synchronicities.

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