Huge Synchronicity Report (Visit to the Freemason’s Lodge)

This report will feature some pretty unbelievable synchronicities. Recently, I have been getting dreams and synchronicities related to the Freemasons. Specifically, one lodge near-by.

The number 31 has been popping up everywhere and this is the number of the lodge where I have been strongly guided to visit. Synchronicities and dreams have made it clear that this lodge might have a big part to play in the near future. Here are some of the 31s that have been manifesting in the last several weeks:

  • 31 seen on electrical boxes near by
  • On the Angel’s Numbers website the meaning of the number 410 (my b-day) was posted at 3:10
  • If we add 410 + 31 = 441. 310 is position 441 in Pi
  • If we add 410 + 314 = 724. 724 is position 301 in Pi
  • 5028 is the gematria value of ‘25,920’ spelled out (this is the length of a full precession cycle) 5028 is position 31 in Pi
  • 5502 on electrical box across the street, 502 = position 31 in Pi calculator
  • 31 appearing on dumpster
  • 31 in the Pi position calculator is 137 which is the combined angles of the Compass and Square
  • 31 the gematria value of the Hebrew word for God
  • Upon consulting the I-Ching, I got readings which pointed to 31 (hexagram number 31, page 31 etc)

Image result for peoria masonic lodge

This lodge was chartered in 1922. If we convert this to military time, we get 722. And 22 divided by 7 is the approximate value of Pi.

May 24th was an important day for some reason. Especially ‘behind-the-scenes’. This is the 144th day of the year:

144may 24th.png

If we plug in 144 into the Pi calculator we get 1638:


If we convert 1638 to military time we get 438. If we plug this into the calculator we get 1681:


If you multiply 410 by 410 you get 168100. So the root number 1681 appears here.

The gematria value of my full name plus my birthday happens to be 524, which was the date this divinely-guided visit took place, May 24th:


If we enter 524, which was also the date of this visit, May 24th, into the Pi calculator we get 1614. Interestingly we see 1614 next to 524:


Now if we enter in 1614 we get 1610, which, if we convert to is military time, is 410:


The gematria value of the title with the ‘masonic’ replaced with ‘freemason’ equals 410 (which is my birthday) and also the gematria value of ‘Christ’. We are also not including the A&FM in the lodge title:


When using the word ‘masonic’ instead we get 33 letters which is allegedly how many years Jesus lived. We even see Pi backwards using another cipher:


On April 10th I turned 28 years old, which is position 33 in the Pi calculator:


April 10th is the 100th day of the year and 100 days converts to exactly 144,000 minutes:


The gematria value of the Worshipful Master’s name at the lodge is 162 which is the position of 410 in Pi and the sacred 369 appears in his phone number. 410 divided by 369 is 1.1111 which goes on forever.

Now on May 24th, something very interesting happened. I was strongly guided to get up and go to this lodge (I think they had been preparing me for this for weeks). One way or the other, they were going to get me to go. So I cooperated. I picked out my outfit which was white shorts and a white shirt. They strongly communicated, wear all white today.

Then I went to the bank which has recently moved into suite 155. 155 in the Pi position calculator is 314, which is Pi:



After waiting for an hour due to them being closed for lunch I got some money and waited for the bus. Amazingly, bus number 5033 appeared:


This bus number 5033 took me to to the next bus via 59th avenue. 59 happens to the be the gematria value of Jesus Christ:


I waited for a while again and got on bus number 5111 after that. I don’t have a photo of this sadly. This story does and doesn’t have such a happy ending.

After being dropped off I walked to where the lodge was. I didn’t know what to expect. Would someone be waiting? Would I have to do anything? This whole trip was ‘their’ idea after all.

I get there and nothing really happened. I said okay guys you get me ready, in all white, you send me here on the Jesus bus on Jesus avenue, now what? (PS there is a church directly next door to the lodge.)

I saw a phone number on the side near the front door. And then I realized they wanted me to call this man, the Worshipful Master of the lodge.

I became frustrated and really didn’t want to call him. I knew they wanted me to tell him about the Jesus Synchronicities. But how the hell do you explain them to someone? Where would I even begin? Would he even believe me? This went on for hours until I finally gave up and went home.

“They” were very upset at this and it seemed like they expressed this on the next bus that came. The driver was very angry right away that I was at this bus stop. I knew I had messed something up.

There were many Jesus, Wolf (my spirit animal) and other synchronicities there which were amazing but not enough to convince me to stay and call this man. Interestingly, every time I would give up to go to the bus stop, a synchronicity would appear. It is as if they knew I would try to leave.

When I got home I was angry and deleted photos I took while I was there, including ones of the buses and other synchronistic evidence. Ego took over again and it wasn’t happy.

Then around 7 or 8 pm I felt the energy of ‘begging’, ‘pleading’ and ‘urging’. It was imperative that I call this man and tell him about the Jesus Synchronicities.

So finally I did and left him a voice message. Then the pleading feeling went away. Interestingly, Cobra posted this update the next day:


I sincerely believe that if I hadn’t call him, something negative might have happened or wouldn’t have gotten done. I have no idea what to expect now, but I consulted the I Ching again and it gave me the reading on the very last page (page 131) which said it was important to just relax for the time being and that I plant seeds here and there, which I guess is what I did, although poorly.

In any case, I have to say that the really dark night of the soul that happened a few days ago was really the kick in the butt that I needed. It was a real release of so much negativity and rage. Now everything seems much more relaxed and balanced, especially in the gut area. I am not as reactive. This definitely wouldn’t have happened without ‘their’ help.

Interestingly, this message appeared from Gaia Portal yesterday:


Needless to say I will be much more forthcoming with my guidance. If they tell me to call someone I will do it. Much love everyone.


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