Strong Freemason/Agartha Related Synchronicities/Dreams

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving strong Freemasonic dreams and synchronicities that I would like to document here.

A quick note however, in light of Cobra’s post in regards to Entry Protocols, I was guided to put the two box turtles and ball python I have been caring for for many years up to be re-homed in order to move into alignment with my soul mission, however that happens to look.

It was something I had been wanting/guided to do for a while but I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to them and risk giving them to someone who would neglect them. Thanks to doing positive verbal affirmations, I was guided and co-manifested (with the help of the Universe) wonderful homes for them:


I am mentioning this because I believe it is part of this journey which is coming to an end and also about to begin. I also believe it has to do with these dreams and synchronicities which have been very strong and powerful.

Interestingly, I am beginning to suspect that my great-great-grandmother was a Freemason, or at least involved in an order of some kind, per my dreams and the things she writes about in her poetry. There is a lot of up/down, high/low, positive/negative type of poems, like opposites, which is a common symbol used in Freemasonry.

She also writes things that are quite ahead of her time, which isn’t all that uncommon, but she seems to know a lot more than she leads on. Here is the dream where I was shown that she was part of a benevolent order:

(March 19th, 2018) Dream About Pleiadian Initiation

“I was in a dream where I experienced the beginning tests and efforts of being initiated into a secret society (an ‘order’ is a better descriptor) that directly involved Pleiadians. My great-great-grandmother was a member and so were many others.

There was a series of tests that got harder towards the end. I recall being in a different state, I am not sure where. The tests would be administered by someone in the group. But their intentions were benevolent.

There were older women there and I believe they were in the order and had been for a while. I think they had some hooded attire on. There were children around also.

I remember going up a long flight of stone stairs to the top of this staircase tower place. There was a very strong Pleiadian presence. I was ready to begin preparations for the initiation. I wasn’t afraid but very honored that I would do the same as Grace did.”

In any case I will share the dreams here which I hadn’t planned on sharing but since this is growing into something I would like to document them. As usual my spirit animal the Wolf appears here as well, indicating that I strongly pay attention. (The first dream was a cluster of scenes and images that I didn’t completely remember when I woke up so some of this may sound strange):

(April 22nd, 2018)

“Wolf guide on road. Freemasonry family interaction. Freemasonry important. Man with all children named mason interaction. Setting in woods. Sign that said ‘Blood Moon’ or blood something along with 1101 or 1011 (1101 is gematria for the words ‘Wolf Totem’) on road sign with wolf next to.”

(May 5th, 2018)

“Dream where my mom is a member of the Freemasons. She and others have technology to shield their base from the malevolent inspectors. It is mostly men. But there was another mother and her young sons who were taught about spirals and other knowledge.

I saw a sign with her title. I was next in line to take over if she didn’t make it. They planed for me to take over but didn’t tell me about it until then for safety reasons. During this war I saw a man who was hiding in a maze trying to escape an evil dictator. This felt like WWII time period.”

I said okay then am I supposed to be going to the Freemasons with these Jesus synchronicities then? They would know more than I do, especially the behind-the-scenes stuff. They are the keepers and carriers of this knowledge.

I don’t know if I should share the lodge number that I would go to. It is a number that has been manifesting quite frequently and ‘loudly’. And I’ve discovered that the amount of letters in the lodge’s name happens to be 33 and it is not far from me. And the bus route numbers mirror each other…AND they equal 11 and 11 when reduced…AND it was chartered in 1922 which is military time for 722 where we see 22 and 7, which, when divided equals the approximate value of Pi.

In any case I wanted to reiterate some intel that Cobra release in regards to the origins of the Freemasons which will bring me to my next group of synchronicities:

(2012portalBrotherhood of the Star

“…Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command…

The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating…

As Essenes they were collaborating in the project of Ascension of Jesus and Magdalene/Grail family lineage as a counterbalance against the thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility…

In the 13th century they have founded the Templar order which was based on discovery of Isisian esoteric texts in the crypt below the Salomon temple. Information on those scrolls has enabled the revival of the old Egyptian star mysteries and formation of freemasonry…”

I would also share some of the Inner Earth dreams that have manifested over the last couple of years:

November 23rd, 2015 (Agartha Experience)

“So I had a dream where a friend was there and she was my guide to going to Lemuria. We took this elevator which was also a jump room. We definitely went underground. When we got there it looked sort of like a mall but it was beautiful and there was many people there. I sat by this fountain pond structure and looked at the water. I saw it was naturally iridescent and colorful.

I marveled at it. I knew I was in Lemuria. We took the elevator up and up to great heights, so high I got scared. We must have been a mile high from the ground. It was amazing to visit there. I’d like to go back. I just remembered I had to have a certain gene to go down there, in order for the elevator to work. But I think it was a spiritual gene, not in the physical body.”

October 10th, 2017 (Underground Cave Meeting with Saint Germain)

This meeting occurred just recently and was incredibly exciting. I saw what I believe to be the story of Die Zauberflöte (Mozart’s masonic opera) or something similar being completely played out in a massive massive massive underground location with Saint Germain. I can’t describe with words the size of this underground city. I looked up and was seriously blown away.

I don’t remember what was said between us but I knew he was there. I recall seeing a small group of people in the white robes, like from Mozart’s opera that I mentioned before.”


Scene from ‘The Magic Flute’

Cobra had a couple of interesting things to say about Saint Germain and his connection to Freemasonry and the Brotherhood of the Star:

(2012portalNew Atlantis

“…Here I have to add that Comte de Saint Germain has formed a secret mystery school in Paris in 1775 that was the hidden hand behind the independence of the USA.

That mystery school was comprised of members of the Brotherhood of the Star that have then joined three main positive masonic lodges in Paris, influencing their members and thus consequently the global course of events…”

(2012portalMysteries of Isis

“Rosicrucian alchemists tried to revive them more that 1000 years later, but their real comeback only came in the 18th century, when Comte de Saint Germain initiated Cagliostro into the mysteries and gave him the task to spread those mysteries across Europe…”

I would also add here that I was guided to read a book that Cobra suggested in regards to Mozart and his Masonic opera ‘The Magic Flute’. There were a couple of synchronicities to be found in that book which was also prompting a personal ‘push’ towards Freemasonry.

Now I would like to list some of the epic synchronicities and gematria values that have just come up after researching the connection between Freemasonry, The Brotherhood of the Star and ‘The Dog Star’ AKA Sirius which is where the Brotherhood of the Star is based from.

The gematria value of ‘The Dog Star’ is 445. This number has been showing itself for weeks through synchronicity:


445 is position 59 in the Pi calculator:


5/9 was the date Cobra posted ‘Entry Protocols’:


I took the bus on 59th avenue to go to the store the other day which ultimately led me to  ‘randomly’ turning a corner and stumbling upon the Glendale Masonic Lodge:


59 is the gematria value for ‘Jesus Christ’ using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher:


Using the same ‘The Dog Star’ phrase we get a value of 675 using a different cipher:


We get its exact mirror 576 by entering it into the Pi calculator:


The gematria value for ‘Freemason’ also happens to be 576:


If we use another cipher we get a result of 702 for ‘The Dog Star’:


We get 544, which is the mirror of the first gematria cipher we used, 445:



If we enter ‘The Dog Star Jesus Christ’ into this mix we get 1600:

The sogd starjesus.png

1600 in the Pi calculator is 22222:


I would reiterate here that the post number for the Mozart Synchronicities was 22222 exactly:


So it seems the near future may or may not hold something interesting in store. Time will tell of course, as it always does. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always.

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    So did anything happen or change ? The syncs in my life are literally about every 30 minured now and have “changed ” drastically, leading me down some kind of path, journey, what have you.

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