The Mozart Synchronicities

Recently I have been getting many synchronicities related to Mozart and as of now I am still unsure as to why. A while back Cobra recommended a book on Mozart which provided useful information about his initiation and subsequent time as a Freemason which resulted in him writing and composing his epic German opera ‘The Magic Flute’ (Die Zauberflöte) which features many occult mysteries, especially The Mysteries of Isis.

A while back I was guided to create a video of the information from that blog. Amazingly, the date that this was uploaded was 7/22. 22 divided by 7 equals the equivalent of Pi which has been written about previously in great detail.

I have discovered several personal connections and synchronicities to the book that Cobra recommended titled ‘The Son of Enlightement‘ by Christian Jacq.

For instance, when I ordered the book the estimated delivery date was April 10th. It came the day before but the 4/10 appearing was very interesting:


First is the appearance of 205 which is half of 410 and the date April 10th (which is the date of my birth) on the same page in the book:


Then on page 369 we find out the results of Mozart’s initiation into the Freemasons. I would reiterate here that 410 divided by the sacred 369 equals 1.1111…which goes on infinitely. There has been a strong synchronistic importance placed on the effort and concept of Initiation recently:


So many times in these works the value of Pi comes up time and time again. This occasion is no different as after putting in the phrase ‘Mozart April Tenth Nineteen Ninety’ we get a couple of interesting results:


155 in the Pi position calculator equals..Pi = 314:


IF we enter Mozart following the spelling of his entire birth date (January 27th, 1756) we get 174 using the Chaldean cipher:

174 mozart.png

174 is position 155 in Pi:

mozart Pi.png

And we even see the 2022 in the Jewish cipher as the address to a previously documented vegan restaurant which I visited several times (they’re awesome!):


I was guided to a great remix of his ‘Lacrimosa’ which was posted on YouTube on 11/11/11:


And to top it off, this happens to be post number 22222:


In addition to this, upon entering ‘The Mozart Synchronicities’ into the gematria calculator it yielded some interesting results. Below we see his birthday appearing multiple times in addition to 410. This screen shot was also captured right at 4:10 PM:

mozart synchroniities.png

Thank you for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love.

PS We also see the name ‘Wolfgang’ (Wolfgang being one of Mozart’s names) on the front page of Gematria scholar Marty Leeds’ website which also featured the digits of Pi as the background for his Gematria calculator:



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