The Initiation/The Matrix Synchronicities

There are many things that appear to be connecting at this time that I hadn’t noticed or put together before. I was guided to make a video recently as of the time of this writing called ‘The Initiation’ which featured some great footage of a young man who goes on a spiritual awakening and manifests full consciousness.

Amazingly, the time on his clock in the living room is 4:09, which is 1 minute away from 4:10 which I have mentioned before in my birthday:


This is one of many synchronicities that occurred while making this video and that are found throughout the footage itself. There is a lot of information contained in there that the original creator of the footage may or may not have intentionally included:

Now upon entering 409 into the Pi calculator I got several Jesus-related hits:


Here we see it is position 339, with 33 being aligned with Jesus and 39 which we have found is the gematria value of ‘I Am Ra’.

Then we see 925 twice which is the gematria value for ‘Jesus Christ’ and 1715 which is military time for 515 which is the gematria value for ‘Jesus’.

I tried to get the length to be 4:10 so as to reflect my birthday as I felt connected to the imagery in this video. But after 2 re-renderings it just ended up being 4:11. Which is okay if we enter 411 into the Pi calculator:


Above we see the 432 right before the 411 which is a very important sacred geometric number and 515 which is the gematria value for ‘Jesus’. We might even draw a connection to Ra here since the young man is using the same hand gesture as the Ra beings do:


Image result for the blue avians

There is also some sacred meaning to the song that was chosen for this video which I will leave up to each person to research themselves if they feel so guided.

I decided to plug in the title of this video into the gematria and pi calculators to see what happened and I got several hits:


We already know 810 in the Pi calculator is 205 which is exactly half of 410:


57 is a number which results in position 404 which is another major number that I have been getting which I will explain later on:


918 is also a sacred geometric number that appears often. It is the time on Neo’s alarm clock at the beginning of the first Matrix film. The Matrix Trilogy is exactly this. The story of the young man who incarnates into the system to transmute it from the inside. This is also the story of Jesus. Neo is the sixth version of the ‘anomaly’ inside the Matrix. 6 also happens to be directly connected to the Sun and Jesus in some Gnostic teachings.

Image result for neo 918 clock

I did some digging into the finer details of this movie and I found many that appear to depict this ‘Neo-Jesusian’ (pun intended) story.

For instance, I found out that Morpheus is the god of the dream world, son of Hypnos, which is part of Ovid’s poem ‘Metamorphoses‘. So whenever you see Neo talking to him on the phone, especially in the beginning of the movie, he is getting information from his ‘dreams’, guiding him to go where he needs to go and what do to next:


I can’t help but perceive similarities to Neo’s situation and my own. After experiencing the original dream last year of the bible verse involving Jesus which I have documented. Although I know there are others experiencing the same thing.

In any case, I have also wondered what the song in the beginning of the movie was, where Neo had his headphones in. It turns out there is a religious connotation here as well.

The song is called ‘Massive Attack‘ by Dissolved Girl. The title seems to be prophetic. That Neo will be under a…massive attack…at some point, which he is. What is most interesting about this part of this piece of information is the record label that created the album this song came from. The name of the company is ‘Christchurch Studios‘:

It is also interesting to note the date the album was release which was April 20th, which is 10 days after my birthday.

In the beginning of the first movie we see Neo giving a man a small disk of some kind. The man thanks Neo by saying:

Hallelujah. You’re my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ.

Meaning, he is beginning to manifest signs that he is the One, although he hasn’t realized it yet. The signs will get stronger and more people will tell me him he is the One, including Morpheus, (who communicates to him in his dreams as mentioned before) even though it takes him a while to come to this realization himself.

Some may find it interesting that ancient Pi (22/7) appears in the video as the last date of information being added to his file during his interrogation:

Photo of security clearance for Thomas A. Anderson, showing date of birth as "11 March, 1962"

The expiration date on his passport happens to be 9/11, which according to some Gnostic teachings was the birth date of Jesus. Of course this was also the date of the Cabal attack in New York so there could be more than one meaning here:

Identity page from Thomas A. Anderson's passport

Another piece of interesting information was at the end of the first movie where you see a bunch of numbers and the ‘System Failure’ sign in the middle of the screen. Directly next to the System Failure sign is 410:


the matrix 410 system failture.png

Amazingly, after just now plugging in System Failure into the gematria calculator we get a value of 57 just like The Initiation using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher. Both are two words in length and both have 13 letters each:



So now we will talk about the position of 57 in Pi which is 404. This number has come up repeatedly and some of these may sound unbelievable but I got the best photos I could get of these connections:


Here we see the Jesus-related 33 and the 270 next to the 57. I have already documented that 270 means the following:


“…the letters engraved above Christ when he was crucified were INRI (Which translates to; “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”). In Hebrew numerology or gematria, these 4 letters added up to 270.”


270 also happens to be the value of my full name and ‘I Am Ra’:

iam ra.png

Now moving on with the number 404, the street that I walk down to get to work has a lot of house numbers that are synchronistic. Two of them that are next to each other are 410 and 404:


Even more amazing is the number of this photo which is 6157 with the 57 being the gematria values for ‘The Initiation’ and ‘System Failure’.

Another 404 that appeared was on a truck the other day:


If we turn the CC into numbers we would see them as 33 so here we see the 404 and 33 appearing.

There is a show I am currently watching which is about a young man who begins to see 11:11 everywhere called ‘Here and Now‘. The same main actor (Daniel Zovatto) appeared in a sci-fi show called Dimension 404 which premiered last year on April 4th, 2017:

Image result for dimension 404

I am being guided to close out this particular post. I hope this information has been helpful. I am trying to get as much of this documented as possible as more and more of these synchronicities and connections are really piling up recently. There is much more to come! Much love everyone!

PS this also happened to be post number 21911. According to some gnostic teachings 9/11 was the birthdate of Jesus:

the matrix.png

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