Prophetic Dreams

I am being guided to share some possibly prophetic dreams. These have come true before with a lot of success. They have come in the form of seeing David Wilcock’s posts before he posted them, getting intel before Corey Goode posted about it, Cobra’s posts before he posted them, very important personal events, learning the gender of a relative’s baby before it was old enough to be known, natural disasters, people’s deaths (Cobra’s soulmate) and many more.

The ones that tend to come true are usually hazy. Like my vision is cloudy or like if my contacts were dirty. Not everything comes true and I know that I am not special with these dreams. Many people are having them as they continue on their path of Ascension and transformation. More people will be manifesting these abilities the closer we get to The Event.

(May 26th, 2018) Q Anon on The Simpsons

“Q phrase appeared on The Simpsons.”

The above dream was basically me watching The Simpsons and seeing Lisa with some kind of book-shaped object with Q and a couple more words that I don’t remember now.  I was frantically trying to stop and record this clip in the dream! This could mean that Q might become much more mainstream in the near future.

(May 24th, 2018) Solar Flash?

“Just dreamt that I was in a classroom and all of the sudden a blinding white light hits me and then I feel some energy in my body. It felt like electricity. I then left my body and began floating around outside.

I was so excited! Then I was manifesting anything I wanted like an orange which I peeled with my mind. It felt amazing.”

This is the second ‘Solar Flash/Wave of Love‘ dream that has happened over the last few months. If you read the comments on Cobra’s blog, you will see many people posting about Solar Flash dreams.

The next dream isn’t prophetic but I am being guided to share it here anyways:

(May 26th, 2018) Underground Facility Experiments

“I found myself, along with a few others, in the middle of no where at night at an extremely high-security facility. Inside this building was a sealed chamber with black boxes (these were speakers) and bright white light with no apparent source.

They were doing experiments with light and sound. This would be like an Area 51 facility. Some other people were there. There was a lot of security.”

Image result for sci fi laboratory

It was like this photo but the room was very plain and small. The box in the middle of the room had no person in it and when you looked down into it, it was just pure white light with no bottom and black speakers around the inside close to the top.

There were some personal prophetic dreams which I would not share yet but if they do end up coming true I will post them here.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and much love!



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