Updates from Resistance Movement, disclosure from NASA and update from Benjamin Fulford

So many more things have been coming out lately in the truth movement community. Very cool stuff! We have an update from Cobra about the light forces beginning sublunar operations 2 days ago, this being the last defense the Chimera group (bad guys that are holding us all hostage with advanced plasma implant technology tied to strangelet and toplet bombs) has left until the surfaced is reached.

Here is that post from his blog. Cobra has also stated that when the sublunar operations have been completed, The Event will follow.

Here is Benjamin Fulford’s behind the scenes weekly update.

I found a very interesting article today from Sputnik News about how NASA is intending to send some robots to terraform a crater so as to build a colony there. This has ‘ease-the-public-into-disclosure’ written all over it. Here is the article.

This is the actual picture from the website. Very cool to see this moving along and quite quickly. Maybe not as quick as some of us would like but it’s happening nonetheless. =]

Much love everyone! =]

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