Comment on Facebook from David Wilcock

Things on planet Earth have been extremely interesting lately. All the headlines coming out with disturbing scandals and the like. A Facebook update from David Wilcock just made them even more interesting. I will post the comment below. I hope everyone uses discernment and decided for themselves to accept or toss it. Much love all =]

“All of our best sources are independently saying that Disclosure is actually going to occur. The Alliance groups have reached a consensus. The question now is how much they will tell us. The Pentagon faction is pushing for full disclosure, China for a more limited release.
There is much more to be said. The battle is vigorous and the shoot-down of the Russian airliner is definitely related. I am working on a new article about all of this right now. I have only had a little over two weeks off since a very intense work period, between the book work in Canada and 28 new episodes in two weeks for Gaiam. Needed to relax.
I will probably hold off on finishing this piece until I hear something from Corey that is more specific. He is one of the sources whose intel is lining up to say the same thing. He is going through hell right now and hopefully it will clear up fairly soon.”

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