Some more disclosure in the MSM!

Sorry about not posting for so long. Things have definitely been happening quickly and more and more has been coming out.

Just today 12/7/2015 this article from the MSM in London titled:

‘NASA hacker’: ‘I found evidence America has space warships’

The gentleman who was able to access NASA’s and other US gov’t servers and information for 18 months to 2 years did an interview and explained the updates and situations he’s been in since his arrest in March 2002.

He states that he found an Excel spread sheet from NASA titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers” and another that included USS ship names from the US Navy that were apparently US space war ships.

I will post the 45 minute or so interview below. It is quite interesting and I even suspect Gary as being an ET himself. 😉 That’s just a hunch though.

I have read several stories about ETs that learn the language and accent and blend right in living and working here on Earth.

Anyways hope you enjoy this post and much love to you all =]]

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