David Wilcock article “Disclosure Showdown”

Apparently we are getting very close to disclosure and therefor The Event. David Wilcock has several insiders from various levels of the government and the secret space programs.

He only puts out the most accurate and reliable intel possible. His new article titled ‘Disclosure Showdown’ was released today and actually caused his site to crash due to so much traffic. I was waiting until it was up again so everyone would have access to it without interruption.

I will quote an important part though, he stated:

“It has become clear that the Alliance is not going to make any large-scale Disclosure moves until they solve the problem of ISIS.”

ISIL has only 34 bases left after the Russian intervention with the permission from the Syrian gov’t.

Russia has destroyed 448 of them in under a month.

I will post the link here and let you guys enjoy it.

Thanks again for reading and victory to the light!


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