Intel Update from Corey Goode, Cabal Fleeing to Antarctica and Other Locations!

Secret space program whistle-blower Corey Goode released an intel report the other day which contains much information about the current planetary situation and things of a personal nature for him. It is titled ‘Are We Navigating To Our Optimal Temporal Reality?’

In the report he describes another abduction by the lower-level secret space program personnel and the continuing contact with the Blue Avians and the Mayan ET group. I will highlight some things about the current situation about the election and other current events:


Gonzales stated that there had been a shift recently after certain U.S. military leaders had expressed they would not stand for a stolen election or any violence to prevent an exchange of power.
The military has had patriotic “observers” following various federal agency groups that have been slowly preparing FEMA facilities across the nation.
As you are probably aware, these FEMA facilities are intended to be militarized areas in which large groups of people are detained – even if it is against their will.
Some of the military have also infiltrated these groups. They have been startled at the various scenarios that are being prepared for.”

Corey had posted an update on his Facebook 11/6/2016 with the following:

According to sources an island in NZ, Area’s of South America and Antarctica are places “Cabal” members plan on fleeing to. If so these meetings may very well be a signal to the Alliance that key members of these Secret Earth Syndicates are preparing to escape justice from an angry American populace. This syndicate believes they can steal the election and once again escape their fates. CG: U.S. Top Diplomat Kerry Flying To Antarctica During Presidential Vote –…/28098262.html

He also commented on a video that was released by a gentleman named Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Here is a short bio on him:

“…he also served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and has been called “one of the most ‘brilliantly competent’ men in the field of terrorism” by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary McGrory. Tom Clancy has literally based books on this guy’s experience.”

And Corey’s comment:

“This is indeed coming from a major military/intelligence/law enforcement faction affiliated with the Earth Alliance. CG: US Takeover May Be Near Steve Pieczenik”

So whatever happens happens I suppose. As David Wilcock mentioned before he is not getting much information lately from his insiders for security reasons so whatever is going to happen might happen soon enough. All will happen when it’s supposed to I say.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

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