Welcome to the Future!

There has been a lot of amazing scientific discoveries and technology releases that I feel should be compiled as best as possible into one post to demonstrate that we are indeed on the precipice of experiencing the Star Trek/Jetsons reality that we are being told about by various whistle-blowers.

Behold, the future is meow.

  • Transparent Aluminum

  • Molecular Spectrometer

  • Free Energy Electro-Magnetic Drive

  • Replicator-Like Technology 

  • Public Call to Invent a Tri-corder by the Smithsonian Channel

  • Most Advanced Public Hologram Technology Invented

  • Scientists Envision a 3 Atom-Thick Computer Chip (2 Years Ago)

  • BMW Wave-Gesture Controlled Vehicle

  • Lexus Hoverboard Technology

A gel-like material that can carry out pattern recognition could be a major step toward “materials that compute,” with possible applications for “smart” clothing or sensing skins for robots, according to a new study.

Recent advances in both materials and computer science have prompted researchers to look beyond standard silicon-based electronics and exploit the inherent properties of materials to create systems where the material itself is the computer.

This is just a small portion of the many amazing things that we have been seeing coming out. And many of us know the advanced tech we will be getting will be much more sophisticated than this stuff but this is no doubt a nice preview of what is to come.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

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1 Response to Welcome to the Future!

  1. Wow, how exciting to see all these gadgets, Jonathan. Thank you for showing us what’s already become reality in our present time. The food replicator is intriguing, I truly wonder how our human digestive system can manage what’s been prepared by it. For the whole vibrational structure is different from what’s been grown in soil, with the energy of elements, the sun and moon.

    In a strange way, it makes me think of human physical bodies coming out of a replicator. Alive, not conscious of a soul. Is the introduction of this machine a forerunner of that next step, preparing our physical structure by having us eat what it’s preparing for us?

    I know that this might by an instinctual fear based on nonsensical thoughts fed by caution and distrust, due to this, to me, very unusual way of preparing food. I’m not sure if I will like it, I’m happier with my hands in the soil, I think.

    Also, I shouldn’t forget that when the time arrives that we will eat from food replicators, our physicality may have changed drastically, in an environment different from our present one.

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