Two New Cobra Interviews!

Cobra has posted on his blog a link to two interviews but the first one I believe I already shared. It was the round-table interview with him and several others that were very interesting.

The next interview is one by the Russia Prepare for Change team. I will post the link to it and excerpts of the transcript below. Thank you and much love!

Interview with Cobra from Russia (March 2017)

“Question: What race built the Cheops pyramid in Giza? Is there a similar construction in Russia and if so, where is it located?

COBRA: Giza pyramids were built in the time where Egypt was a colony of Atlantis. There are some pyramid structures in Russia near lake Baikal, but much less distinct than the Giza pyramids.

Question: Was Joseph Stalin more of a positive or negative figure? Is it true that he took initiation from Russian Magi, which helped him to revive Russia and win the war against Hitler?

COBRA: Stalin was a Jesuit and one of the darkest figures of Russian history. He is responsible for deaths of many millions of people in Siberian death camps:

Question: Does Russia have their own secret space programs and military bases on other planets and moons, as well as their secret space fleet?

COBRA: They were part of  international SSP…”

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