Cobra Update: Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

We have an update from Cobra in regards to the Ascension Conference that took place a couple days ago. Apparently there were some big leaps forward in progress. He notes that there were very intense attacks again light workers and the Light Forces put a stop to this and weakened the Cabal to a great degree.

I would like to add that the last week I have been experiencing extreme anger and low-vibrational emotions that were very unpleasant. I know I have been clearing out and releasing old anger but this was to the extreme…and as of a couple days ago it stopped so if that it what was happening it is nice to know that it wasn’t me raging for no reason! Everything feels much better now.

Anyways on to the report! Much love everyone!

Our Ascension conference was strategically placed in Taipei, close to the center of the densest human population and located in one of the places with the highest percentage of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors on the planet.

Our group was amazing and certain important projects were initiated. These projects will be made public at a more advanced stage of their completion.

Some of these projects are related to the Peach Blossom Spring:

In the final weeks before the conference and reaching their crescendo on Saturday, there were brutal Archon attacks on certain key Lightworkers on the planet and the Light forces finally had enough of this.

Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation codenamed „Justice of Maat“ was initialized. This operation lasted for about 21 hours and as a consequence, no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun. As a result of all this, clearing of the head of Yaldabaoth entity has been significantly accelerated.

This has created extreme changes in Schumann resonances, starting at around 10:50 pm Tomsk time ( 11:50 pm Taipei time) on Saturday and lasting for 21 1/2 hours:

Also, the Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal „have finally tasted their own medicine“. Nothing more can be said about this. To summarize, all negative factions except the Chimera group are now greatly weakened.

Victory of the Light! Justice of Maat!

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