Conscious Life Expo Notes Part 3, Cobra Conference Notes from 2012 (Excellent Review), More Disclosure in Headlines

We have a few important updates that I want to get out here. The first one is part 3 of the Conscious Life Expo notes that were taken (thank you Justin!). You will find part 1 and 2 on that page.

Goode was introduced to ETs through VR and other methods of acclimation, which helped him come to terms with meeting one face to face when it finally happened.

Raw-Teir-Eir showed Corey a representation of what the human race’s consciousness looks like. It looked like someone who has severe PTSD, who has been extremely traumatized. The super consciousness of humanity has been in an “abusive relationship” with this reptilian group, like a husband and wife.

The ICC trades with over 900 different races, including 100 million people in human trafficking every year.

Q – (Inner Work). What can one physically do to prepare for Ascension? What can people do to help Corey? Donate?

A – Yes donations are helpful. Crowdfunding of the graphic novel, The preparation is almost entirely a spiritual shift. The mind and body is so connected that we need to be careful what we’re doing and feeding our minds and bodies [and think about what we consume].

Q – Frequency of the Schumann Resonance is allegedly going to up 36 hz, will the ascension event come before full disclosure?

A – Yes the frequency of the entire solar system is changing. Humanity needs to raise with it, which requires inner work. Working through karma. All the negative experiences with lower vibrational emotions hold people back and these things need to be sought out and healed. Forgiveness of yourself and others is very important. Focus daily on being service to others. Get on a high vibrational diet.

Then we have several pages of notes from a conference that Cobra did in 2012 that gives a great review and understanding of the current situation and all the progress that was made at the time. I read through the entire thing and was surprised at the things I didn’t catch and forgot. I will post some portions below:

We need to ask ourselves “what can I do to liberate the planet?”  Each of us will discover our own answers.  If we ask, we will receive an answer.  We also need to balance ourselves in the 5 areas of the 5 pointed stars, spiritually, mentally, socially, work-wise & financially.

DNA change is a reflection of spiritual growth ( this was stated in response to a question about scientific/nutritional/healing modalities advances in effecting DNA change ) In other words…it’s an inner thing…not an outer thing.

Earth is the last planet under the occupation of the Dark Forces.  We are the last planet to be liberated.  We are the most skilled.  We are working for the Victory of the Light.  This is the most complex liberation ever, here on planet Earth.

Russia plays a very important role.  Putin is working with the Russian Military Light Resistance.

Our natural state is to feel good.  Light does not need a reflection and darkness is not needed to define the light.

Reality will then change requiring us to go one way or another.  80% of us will change and become one with all of Creation.

Crystals absorb tachyons the most.  Amethyst purifies the emotions and addictions.  Amethyst increases the presence of St. Germain.

In 1996, 1999, and 2003, all military bases were cleared of reptilians. Dulce, Area 51, all black projects, all advanced and exotic technologies including scalar weaponry, UFO’s and clones were also cleared.  Unfortunately, this progress cost the Resistance HUGE losses.  After 2004-5, cloning factories were closed and no reptilians were left. There are at least 100 billion galaxies.  Andromeda and 10-15 other planets were also cleared during this time.

95% of the white underground sex slave trade has been brought to an end.

There is way more in there than I included there. I highly recommend checking the rest out and studying the information to be ready for when The Event happens.

Then we had an interesting headline appear the other day from the mainstream media in Alaska. I will note that this was written on April 1st, but I think we’ve all learned by now that April Food’s Day is the perfect excuse to release intel and disclosure to the public without being ridiculed:

(Alaska Highway News) Archaeologists uncover 20,000-year-old UFO wreckage near Site C:

“The discovery of a millennia-old UFO wreckage site in the Peace River valley is proof the region was used as an interplanetary runway, archaeologists said Saturday.

Lazarus said the discovery is proof the river was used, at the very least, as an interplanetary runway. He would not speculate on how the spacecraft crashed.

“A search for any life form or lifeforms at the wreckage site is underway,” he said.”

I just found a couple more headlines in regards to disclosure that I will include below:

(Daily Mail) Are aliens trying to contact Earth? Mysterious energy signals really ARE coming from space, confirm scientists:

“Rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected 10 years ago.

Some suggested these mysterious bursts of energy could be a sign of alien life trying to contact us.

Now scientists have confirmed that the mysterious signals really do come from outer space.

(Daily Mail) Are flying taxis coming to New York? Uber and Google test vertical take-off flying technology:

“Flying air taxis and ‘vertiports’ could become fixtures across American cityscapes as companies including Uber race to introduce the technology.

The taxis, called e-VTOLs or ‘electric vertical take off and landing(s),’ are being tested by multiple tech firms including Google and Airbus, the New York Post reported.

One model, the single-passenger EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, is due to start flying in Dubai in July.

This is all I have for now, thank you for reading everyone and much love as always!

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