Some Comments from David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Current Events

David has chimed in on Ben Fulford’s latest intel report with some interesting information about what’s going on with murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich:

“There is a LOT that needs to be disclosed right now.

Unfortunately I have been running non-stop between New Living Expo, one day off, my Canada trip, two days off, Contact in the Desert, one week off, and now back to Boulder for more Gaia episodes starting tomorrow.

The Seth Rich story is very big, and could be the critical element that breaks this all wide open — as I discussed in my Monday night talk at CID.

Things are looking very, very interesting. I typically have no extra time once I am in Boulder so the update may have to wait until some time after I get back on Wednesday of next week. Who knows what else will have happened by then?

David Wilcock”

Then Corey had some updates in regards to attacks against him and has reiterated the importance of unity in the community. There is a nice commentary by Justin from SITS at the link above if you feel guided to check that out.

“There are a number of operatives that have been activated in this community. Every since the disclosure of the “Antarctic Area 51”, we have seen more push back from TPTB than from any other info I have released.

Since then “Sigmund” has gone missing and I was questioned by his two airmen about any info I may have on the disappearance. I was also told that nearly every asset in the UFO Community has been activated. They are mostly self-identifying currently. Keep an eye out for more false and vicious attacks.

I was told the CIA’s “Fake News” model has been so successful, they are now using the “big lie” method to divide this community more than it already was. These people are out of control… They are now attacking fans who make video’s supporting my information, Board Games, Tee- Shirts or “Fan Films” (All 100% done by fans) viciously.

They behave exactly like Troll’s and then give the “One mans freedom fighter is another man’s Terrorist” line.These energetic changes are causing many to self-identify their negative vibration. They cannot have unity!

I hope each of us will flood YouTube and Bloggs/Forums with videos and articles on why you want unity, (Do or don’t believe/support me but support unity, etc…) how we can achieve it and what we can achieve with it Keeping it all positive, of course.


Other newer-ish lol folks (Jordan Sather) in the awakened community have been including this information in their research and sharing it on Facebook. Synchronistically he posted it at 5:55 which I just now noticed:

“Seth Rich is a massive story right now, and it is vitally important.

One week ago a newly hired private investigator, a former homicide detective, spoke out on the families behalf regarding the investigation saying that it was Seth Rich who, in fact, leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks for them to leak before our latest election. He was killed by those he was exposing on July 10th, 2016.

Over the last week, information on this story has exploded, and it is becoming the the first domino falling that is going to expose the corruption plaguing our government. This is going to start with the sociopathic circle around Hillary Clinton. It will lead to the Pizzagate issue being exposed en masse, and then onto the larger, more general idea of ‘Pedogate’, the issue of trafficking/pedophilia running through all the halls of government and corporate conglomerates.

No wonder there was a terrorist attack yesterday, on 5/22, they like their numeric, ritualistic dates. The Cabal needed a good distraction piece. Now today, they are running as many cover your ass stories as they can on this Seth Rich story. All the classic propaganda outlets like Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN are trying to call it a conspiracy theory and de-legitimatize it.

Surprisingly, Fox News ran a story on May 16th, the day the P.I. came out for the Rich family, and took the whole issue completely seriously. Fox News was then bashed by all the other mainstream outlets, and had to retract this story.

Don’t expect this story to fade, and expect the corporate media to keep running their B.S. stories about it. I’m keeping a watchful eye on it, because things are about to blow the F up.”

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