Cobra Interview for the Month of May

We have a new interview with Cobra by the Prepare for Change team for the month of May. I am grateful that these interviews are done and I appreciate all the work that goes into them but this time there was a lot of reiteration, which is fine but I mean in this case many questions were doubles from previous interviews.

You can hear the audio and or read the transcript at this link.

Aaron – OK, and what is the best thing we can do to anchor the light during this total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017

COBRA – As I’ve said the most important thing to do is to make decisions, to make positive choices and the second thing is to do this in harmony with other groups.  So Unification of groups is quite important here.  (Ok)

Lynn  – What is happening to him [Zbegniew Brzezinsk] now that his physical body is dead.

COBRA – Nothing is happening to him any more because he has been disintegrated in the central sun.  He does not exist any more.  That entity is not present in this dimension/universe any more.

Aaron – What is the status of the situation with the electronic weapons.

COBRA – The situation has improved to a certain degree simply because the light forces have taken quite drastic action, have given quite drastic warnings to certain negative factions that were using those weapons and now the situation is not resolved yet but it is better.

Lynn  – Have they been rounding up Cabal members lately in Antarctica?

COBRA – Certain number of them yes, but not as many as some people are speculating.

Lynn  – How do our meditation help strengthen their [The Resistance Movement] planetary liberation operations?

COBRA –  They help a lot because what they need is a strong network on the surface of the planet with people meditating because this strengtheners the light grid dramatically on the surface of the planet.  They can not do that because they are not living on the surface, they are living below the surface underground and only the surface population has the psychological structure that fits the surface population.  So the light workers can with their resonance field transform the surface population much more effectively because they are similar in their psychological structure to the rest of the surface population.  The RM is simply too different and they would not be as effective if they would try to transform psychologically the surface population and energetically the same.  (I see)

Thank you all and much love..

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