Cobra Interview for the Month of June

We have a new interview with Cobra by the Prepare for Change team for the month of June that was just released. I will post some excerpts below. Thank you to all of those who put this together!

“Aaron – Cobra, what intel do you have for the USS Fitzgerald that missile destroyer that was supposedly rammed by a Philippine cargo ship? What really happened?

COBRA – On a deeper level there is a lot of, I would say, games being played about disclosure of Navy Secret Space Programs and certain forces, I would say negative forces are trying to warm the Navy not to disclose too much because there is a very strong positive faction within the United States Navy that wants to release, that is actually in favor of Full Disclosure. They want to release everything. But there are other factions that are strongly against this. There is now quite strong infighting going on about this issue.

Lynn – Can you comment on the 3-finger mummy of Nazca that was found recently in Peru?

COBRA – O.K. What would you like to know about that?

Lynn – We would like to know if this is it legitimate report or is it fake?

COBRA – I would approach this with caution at this point. I would not put too much hope into this particular story.

Lynn – It could be fake?

COBRA – I would say there was interference in the whole process and not everything is what it seems to be?

Aaron – How about the energy vortex in Syria, is it better now?

COBRA – Yes, it is better now. There is much progress in Syria. It is not fast but it is solid. The light forces are liberating Syria and you can almost see the end of this Syria horror story.”

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