Synchronicity Report

I wanted to do a short synchronicity update and I have some interesting things to share. The first thing seems to be related to my post from earlier about being lost and all. I went to listen to Enya and I got a few synchronicities on one of her songs ‘So I Could Find My Way’:


I went to the store earlier and the car I parked had a 999 on their license plate. I was going to get a picture of it but there was some guy staring at me. Probably staring at my beard…Lol. While I was in the grocery store a little while ago I noticed the total of the person in front of me was 69.39 or some variation of 3/6/9…

I also saw this:


And interestingly, that was picture number 69 in my phone and my phone had 96% left on my battery! The button on the top of my iPhone stopped working a long time ago, damned planned obsolescence, so I took this with my iPod..


This is all I have for now…Light and love everyone.


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