Equinox Unity Meditation – Friday – September 22nd at 8:02 PM GMT

Boy there have been a big flurry of meditations happening lately…the Universe is prescribing it here and there, it is prescribing it everywhere! This upcoming one is very important though, it is the September Equinox Unity Meditation which will be Friday September 22nd at 8:02 P.M. GMT.

For the automatic time zone conversion for your location please visit this link.

With permission and coordination from the Prepare for Change team I have created a short promotional video for this meditation which contains all of the information one would need to participate:

For more information about this meditation in general please visit the link below:


The guided audio video playlist can be found below:

Thank you for your time and much love!!

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3 Responses to Equinox Unity Meditation – Friday – September 22nd at 8:02 PM GMT

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  2. Give thanks for solutions. The Coming Collapse + A Positive Course of Action https://youtu.be/pRWxl5-EQX8

  3. sword says:

    Since Cobra stated on his blog that toplet bombs are obstacle that NEED cleaning before Event
    here`s call for daily meditation for sole purpose of removing remaining toplet bombs:


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