All 5 of my Classical Compositions

I discovered about a year ago that I could compose classical music. It came as a shock to me as I had never tried or even thought about it. But I recall whistling some classical sounding tunes that I was making up as I went, and as it turns out, they can be structured and formed into coherent Baroque/Classical/Romantic Era music.

I performed a couple of these pieces for the Talent Show where I work and even entered them into some international competitions with the help of a wonderful teacher. I didn’t pass unfortunately but did receive very valuable advice on how to improve. I have always loved classical music, ever since I was a little kid and I’ve always had a knack for playing the piano. Ultimately, I would prefer to write songs and symphonies once all of this planetary liberation work is finished. I know I have the capacity and ability for it, I just need more training and time.

Sadly I had to quit my piano lessons because they were becoming too demanding with my work schedule. My teacher was helping me to write a Sonata (a three part piece that requires much research and patience to write) which I was so happy to begin work on, but as I mentioned, the stress from these lessons and work was too much. And I didn’t realize it at the time but I would need this free time to be doing what I am doing now, working with the PFC team and working on the meditation videos. That is more important than this – which I pick up at anytime…

I am being guided to share these 5 pieces with anyone who feels guided to listen to them. They are all short and less than 3 minutes. Thank you and for checking this out and much love!

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  1. Mesheekatlan says:

    Hi Johnathan I heard your music and it is very impressive I know this first hand as I also have played all of the classical romanticist contemporary composers their music among many other works of piano in classical music my whole life. We share the fondness of love of music. I heard your compositions and they are excellent and I hope you keep composing as it take a great ability to compose especially on piano due to the 88 keys of the piano and considering the 12 tone scale it is very difficult to compose and to write sheet-music for piano thus as you clearly have this ability and are talented I’d keep developing this ability to compose as I am a composer in piano as well. I’d listen to your compositions, and I also love your beautiful site TruthEarth. Take care your friend

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