For Those Who Don’t Have Anyone To Celebrate Thanksgiving With

I just wanted to make a special post for those who may not have anyone to celebrate today with. The original intent of Thanksgiving is not exactly what we have led to believe but in today’s context it is about bringing family and friends together to celebrate one another and give thanks for what we have.

I realize for some people spending time with their family/family-in-law is a nightmare so perhaps this post could also apply to you! Lol.

I just want each of you reading this to know that no matter what you are loved so much not only by myself but by your ‘extended’ family from above:

Image result for galactic family

We are not far away from the reunion of all family reunions so I wish that everyone here can continue to march on until the final victory, which is assured

You can all take comfort in the fact that the apocalypse (unveiling) is happening now and everything is playing out as it should be. I hope that regardless of your situation you can take some time to appreciate what you have right now, a roof over your head, food to eat, access to the internet (and therefore information) and being a part of the greatest victory in the history of the Universe.

Not only this but we are all connected on the higher planes…these ‘meat suits’ are simply a small part of what we really are which is so much bigger and beautiful. So you are really connected to your family (family you may not be aware of right now) at all times on the higher levels…

I wish each of you so much love…<3

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