Amazing Synchronicity Report

I am being guided to share more of the synchronicities that I was planning on putting out to let people do what they feel guided to do with them.

I went hiking recently and came upon one of my favorite spots to hang out and dance! This spot is special as it is off the trail and other people use the stones to communicate messages sometimes. For instance, the first time I noticed this was a smiley face made of stones just in the last few weeks I believe:


I decided to add a little enhancement:


Sadly these were all messed up when I came back another day. So that day I added a new stone pattern:


This is in addition to a peace sign that I did a few feet away which has remained undisturbed so far. I didn’t snap a photo of this one this time.

Now here is where things get really crazy. My car hasn’t been working so I have been taking the bus to this hiking trail and it usually take a half an hour to get there. To get to my special place it takes about 20 minutes or so of a very intense incline with rests. I saw someone at this spot from far away and noticed what I thought was them moving rocks around. When I got there I was blown away:


I noticed that when I made it to this spot with these stones in the shape of the name of Jesus I became overwhelmed as I have been getting many ‘Jesus’-related synchronicites, especially ones that are connected to my birthday 4/10 which appears everywhere in my life; apartment address, license plate number, the model of a car I had and many more things. Interestingly, while I was admiring this formation I saw the time was 2:10 or 1410 in military time.

If it is not too much to add I also found that Christ in English Extended Gematria is 410:


This is in addition to the Jesus on the metal pillars that you must walk past in order to get to this spot which I mentioned before:


I was guided to snap this photo while dancing (benevolent sun worshiping!):


In addition to this I recall walking down to this vegan restaurant and noticed a sign depicting the nativity scene from when Jesus was born:


This was directly next to the creepy possible pedo store ‘Kooky Kraft Shop’. I believe I came down to this location for two reasons, to find this photo and to write and expose this creepy store.

I am being guided to add one more here which is the number 722. This is a number I have been seeing and documenting for a while now and I found out that 22 divided by 7 is the equivalent of Pi which goes on forever and has many sacred geometric properties.

Based on my dreams in regards to the previous bible verse I was shown which included my birthday: John 4:4 – 4:10 (again I am not religious, these synchronicities are just happening and I am not doing anything to organize them) I decided to see if 722/227 meant anything and as it turns out there is an interesting verse which I will share below:


There are many more of these type of synchronicities that I will be sharing per my guidance. Whatever they happen to mean is up to each person to decide, not for me to declare. But we do know positive and amazing things are coming soon regardless of anything 😉 Much love everyone!!

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