The Seraphim Synchronicities

‘They’ are now guiding me to scribe these newest synchronicities which have occurred last night and was triggered by watching the second movie of ‘The Matrix Trilogy’; The Matrix Reloaded. The Matrix is a treasure chest of Gnostic and ancient metaphysical knowledge that is a must-see for anyone on the spiritual path. While watching it I was strongly guided to stop and research Seraph who plays a guard to the Oracle who Neo was trying to see:

Image result for seraph the matrix

Image result for seraph the matrix

This led to finding a few interesting synchronicities that I will be sharing below. Just to clarify, in Christian teachings the Seraphim are the highest order possible just beneath Source. Again I have no interest in any religion in its current form but this is what ‘they’ are guiding me to write about at this time.

While researching the Seraphim I found a few pages that happened to have 410 on them. Before this though I was getting the number 710 frequently, which I hadn’t reported because it didn’t make any sense, especially since I first saw it in Q’s posts: Also, this photo was taken about a block from my apartment complex on one of those electrical boxes:


This also happened to be the posting date of a couple of articles, one about Jesus and the other about Seraphim:


Below we see what appears to be a Seraph imparting something onto someone who appears to be Jesus:


It is also interesting to note that the bible verse numbers (6:1-11) correspond to the Full Blue/Blood moon meditation that has just passed which appeared to be connected to the passing of Isis Astara – with the start time of the meditation here in Arizona being 6:11 AM and the UTC time being 1:11. Her birthday also happened to be 1/11:


The photo of Seraph from Matrix Wiki had a pixel length of 410:


The TV Show ‘Supernatural’ came up which is about the battle between good and evil that we are seeing play out. There just so happened to be 322,410 reviews of the show as of the time of this screenshot:


The Wiki Page for Supernatural has 4101 pages. Here we see the 410 and 101 in the same number, the 101 being seen a few times in the Matrix Trilogy:


I have also found a book titled ‘Seraphim’ that contains 410 pages:


Upon even more searching I found a Twitter account with the name DarkSeraphim410:


One more thing I am being guided to add is a video start time on YouTube. So when you go watch and video and don’t finish it, YT will automatically start it when you last stopped and it will show the time in seconds in the URL bar. Interestingly, when I went to turn on this ambient music it started at 25820. It is interesting to note that a full precession cycle on this planet is 25,920 years.

The start time was 100 less at 25,820. It may or may not be relevant that April 10th is the 100th day of the year. It is also interesting to note that we all clock out at work at the same time at 1:00 PM. Below we also see the view count at 51545 = 515 = Jesus. The above birthday/clock out mentioned synchronicities may not be related of course:


It is also interesting to note that I discovered the other day that I started the Truthearth YouTube channel on March 15th = 3/15 = 1515 Military time = 515 = Jesus:


Thank you all for checking this out and much love!

PS I just happened to post this at 11:11 Am:


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