More Fun With Numbers, Other Synchronicities

It seems that lately the synchronicity train has increased speed as there are many more numbers and situations popping up which are becoming harder and harder to ignore. Please allow me to continue publishing these numbers and synchronicities as they are portraying themselves as important and pertinent to what is happening to our planet right now. The boundaries between worlds/densities/dimensions is very thin at this point as I have been experiencing these numbers in my dreams recently.

Some may remember this trippy photo of numbers that you get when you divide 410 and its doubles by 369:


I have found that the number 37, which apparently is dubbed Christ’s number (again, please forgive the religious overtones) have some interesting properties when used in conjunction with other numbers:


I decided to plug 410 into this equation and got some interesting hits. 410 ÷ 37 = 


Here we see the number 108 repeating over and over again. 108 is a sacred geometric number that I have previously documented. We also see the time I just took this screenshot which was 1639 = 3 6 9 repeating itself and also it is picture number 0437.

Image result for magic of 108

I have also had a synchronistic hit when I went to visit Cobra’s blog recently due to a friend’s post about a previous blog entry:


Above we see the hit count at 37, 410, 307 so we see 410 and 37 twice. I just so happen to screenshot this at 4:10 PM. And if we are assuming the 410 gematria then 410 = Christ.



On the same blog page we have an interesting comment from Cobra:


Interestingly I get a lot of 12:00 synchronicities also. It is usually 11:59 or 12:59 but a lot of times it is exactly at Noon.

I went on a journey yesterday to go hiking and when I went to my favorite secluded spot where I experienced a couple significant Jesus synchronicities (see Jesus Synchronicities) I found someone had created 3 crosses with the rocks where my peace sign was:



The bus on the way back just happened to be the 1111 (6+5=11, 3+8=11) bus:


It was also interesting to note that my bus pass, which I got months and months ago but was saving it, had a 522 on it, which in military time would be 1722 = 722 = Possible Bible Verse (22:7) = Jesus Coming:


On the way up to the hill I was greeted with a message of Love which I hadn’t noticed was there on this metallic pillar before:


Some may remember that the number 1000 and subsequent 10/100/10000 numbers are associated strongly with Jesus and are ones that have been appearing lately also. Strangely, YouTube notified me today that the TruthEarth Channel had just passed 1,000 subscribers. I am of course not bragging here but I had surpassed that some time ago and didn’t receive a notification for anything like that since starting it:


Here is a photo I took just today of one of those electric boxes with numbers on them with 1000 in it, there is a 6 at the end but ‘they’ guided me to take the photo anyways:


I was also greeted with a 101 outside of a restaurant on the same street. Sorry about my grumpy face, someone was in their car near by so I wanted to get the photo really quick without them noticing:


This number appears a few times in ‘The Matrix’:

Related image

Related image

While continuing this stroll I was again greeted with a 100 and 123 (April 10th = 100th day of the year, 123 = Gematria Value for my full name):


This is everything I have for now. Thank you for sticking around and checking this out everyone. Much love!

PS I have just realized that this article was finished at 5:15 PM = 515 = Jesus:



PPS After proofreading everything I have finished at 5:22 = 1722 = 722 = Possible Jesus Coming Bible Verse again:


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