The Day of Love: Synchronicity Report

‘They’ are once again guiding me to share some more synchronicities that I have experienced just for today.

Lately ‘they’ have been giving me the number 711/117 which even went as far back as last year. 711 means good news is on the way (more of a personal matter) or it is related to something that needs attention that should be written about.

While leaving the store after getting a bus pass I was met with an interesting set of numbers left on the display of a gas pump:


Here we see 4565 which we could see as steps towards something and if we add the numbers together we get 4+5=9 | 6+5=11 = 911. This includes the 2012 which is the year the Mayan Calendar ended, among other things.

It is interesting to note the school district in my area is number 205 which, if we double this, we get 410 = Gematria = Christ.


I would also include the receipt from the health food store that was printed which had a 410 in the check out time. 04:46 = 4+6=10 = 410:


While on the way back I had just missed the oncoming bus. However, the next one that arrived turned out to be the bus ‘they’ must have wanted me to board which was the 1111 bus. 6+5=11 | 2+9=11 = 1111. I just so happened to take the photo at 17:11 (5:11PM):


img 467.png

And actually, if we add the numbers of today’s date together 2 + 1 + 4  = 5 | 2018 = 11 = 511 = 1711.

It took a few minutes to get home and I arrived at 5:15 = Gematria = Jesus. This photo was number 468, which if we add the 4 + 6 = 10 = 108 = Sacred Geometric Number:



Now the 711 is interesting because after a dear friend recommended watching an episode of the disclosure series Stargate SG-1 in regards to an episode called ‘Thor’s Hammer’ I decided to plug some names into the Gematrinator and got several hits:


Here we see several synchronistic and sacred geometric numbers that are associated with the gematria value of Stargate SG1.

36 x 4 = 144

54 x 2 = 108

918 = Time on Neo’s Alarm Clock from The Matrix, 9 and 18 being derived from 3, 6 and 9

Interestingly, if you remember the 456 from earlier, this happens to be the run time of a video clip shared by a dear friend of the Asgard benevolently handing over their technology over to humanity:

Thank you for checking this out and I hope everyone has a wonderful day with much love!

PS I have just finished writing this at 5:55 PM:


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2 Responses to The Day of Love: Synchronicity Report

  1. truthearth says:

    Hey thanks man i will check it out…Sounds interesting..Much love brother!

  2. Mario says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Check out HBO’s new show “Here and Now”. It’s about a multi-racial family, whose gay son experiences synchronicities. I don’t know where the show runners are going with this, but it sure seems curious. Interestingly enough, the pilot is entitled “Eleven Eleven”. I figured this could be of interest to you.

    Much love!

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