The Star Trek Synchronicities

I am currently being guided to document the following synchronicities that are related to Star Trek Enterprise. What they ultimately mean is up to each person reading this, I am just sharing what I am guided to share at this time.

This cache of synchronicities will be in regards to the Star Trek Enterprise episodes 408 and 409 (with 410 being my birthday) and appear to be strongly Jesus-related. I would like to note that I share the same first name as the captain of the Enterprise in this series which is Jonathan Archer.

In these two episodes there appears to be similarities between the story line which is about Captain Archer being given the Katra (soul/spirit/essence) of the Vulcan equivalent of Jesus, Surak. Jonathan is entrusted with Surak’s Katra and is tasked with bringing it and a piece of technology containing Surak’s teachings called the Kir’shara to the Vulcan High Command to help spread his original teachings to Vulcan and eliminate corruption within the High Command.

There is a website that discusses this comparison. It is also interesting to note the wolf/dog paw on the right side of the website. For those who are not aware the wolf is my spirit animal:


It is interesting to note that the gematria value for the name Surak is 511, which is a number I have been shown frequently, especially in the military time form = 1711 which I have written about in previous synchronicity reports.


It is also interesting to note the gematria value of of the name Captain Jonathan Archer:


511/711/911 are all numbers I have been shown lately and in much more frequent amounts.

We also get a hit when we plug in the name Kir’shara into the gematria calculator:


The release date of this episode 409 is December 3rd 2004, which if we put the date in number form  itwould be 12/3/04 = 1234:


Some may recall that one of the gematria values of my full name is 123:


I just happen to snap this screenshot the other day while checking Cobra’s blog:


This is a screenshot I was able to get while there was a 444 included in the amount of pages available there:


Next we see the page identification for the episode on IMBd as 0572222, if we add the 5 and 7 we get 122222. We could even see the 722 which I have written about before which might be related to a bible verse in regards to the return of Jesus. 222 also happens to be the gematria value for the phrase ‘Victory of the Light’:


When we take a look at the actual page we see a rating of 8.6 out of 10. If we add 8 and 6 we get 14 which would be 14 10 = 1410 = 410:


I would like to finish this update with an interesting dream that I had on April 21st, 2017 where I experienced being the captain of a starship. This is from my dream journal:

(My Dream Journal) April 21st, 2017 (Past Life/Regular Life) (Being the Captain of a Starship)

“This dream was very interesting because I recall being the captain of a large starship. I had a second in command at my side and we traversed the Cosmos looking to help people whenever we could. I remember feeling like that was my place and what I was supposed to do. I was very good at it. I don’t remember much else other than that.”

Thank you to those who stuck around to read this, I know it is not that interesting to read about someone else’s experiences all the time, but this is what ‘they’ are guiding me to do right now for reasons I am unsure of at this time. I wish each of you much love as always!

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