A Short Synchronistic Gift For All Of You

‘They’ have some more gifts for all of you.

I had been wanting to go on a walk today and when I got ready earlier something said, “nope, not now.”

So some hours pass by and it finally felt ‘right’ to go and after being out for a while I decided to lie down on this concrete wall and look up at the sky while listening to music and tried to form a heart in the chem-crap clouds and with a little help from ‘them’ it came to life in less than a couple of minutes. It looks small in the photo but this was a big heart:


While walking back home I saw that van with the 2359 in its phone number, which in military time is 1 minute to midnight, 11:59. Literally while I was crossing the street and taking this picture my random song selection feature began to play ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’:



18:16 is 6:16 in military time:


The message came across as, ‘you are all loved.’ <3 Thanks for checking this out everyone and much love.




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