Just A Quick FYI: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Deleted

Just wanted to inform those who were interested that I have deleted Facebook, Twitter and Google+ recently. As of the last few days there was an emotion in my entire body that said that it was time to get rid of it. My blogs and the YouTube channel will still be up of course.

I realize now how toxic all of it was. I was wrapping up my self-worth in likes and comments. Yuck. I believe it all played a role though in helping this blog become better known but now it is time to move on just as I did with MySpace.

I really don’t want to go to OnStellar either, the new platform being created by many of the big names in the truth community. To me it is just switching one addiction for another.

Much love everyone!

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7 Responses to Just A Quick FYI: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Deleted

  1. truthearth says:

    Interesting Phoenix…it sounds like things that are not needed in your life are falling away, as they are ‘old’ habits or simply not necessary for your journey..sounds like your interpretation of the dream might be correct…

    I think these things served a purpose for a while but for some people maybe they are not required for some unforeseen reason..

  2. I wonder if the higher forces have any use for the internet at all. Apart from things like… Weather like things (i.e. song chords) and maybe blogging.

    I’ve had a dream I have translated for the moment to be telling me to stop going on a forum I was going on which I felt… there is nothing wrong with. But it is from a technical perspective ‘a waste of time’.

    I can’t imagine, apart from the occasional person that will pretty much only converse over messenger, that there is any reason to keep a facebook activated. I don’t go on Twitter, Gab, Minds or Ben Fulfords comments anymore, I just got bored of politics.

  3. titaniumlotus says:

    Got it! I was entering the wrong password upon deletion.

  4. truthearth says:

    Yeah I imagine it won’t be the same process for everyone..going with what feels right is important…sometimes there’s a higher purpose for using these things..Thanks for the kind words friend 🙂

  5. titaniumlotus says:

    I bailed on FB a couple years back…felt good! I tried to delete twitter this morning, but it doesn’t want to go away yet…lol. Registered my online name at onstellar just in case it takes off into something enlightening, but that remains to be seen. Keep up the shares JC and also, if a new Love/Light social platform emerges post it plz.

  6. truthearth says:

    Amen brother! Thanks for everything you do too!

  7. I agree my friend… I’ve left and walked away from a lot of things because I realized that not only was I worried about “likes” and “subs” etc but others around me were and that was not the reason why I started down this path. I also, realized that those who are ready to wake up and find empowerment, peace and inner strength through love .. those individuals would find us when they were ready <3 Keep doing your work my friend!

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