Another Giving Away Possessions Update

For those who are guided in following this journey…

Yesterday was a huge purge day and I recycled a lot of stuff that had been cluttered in closets and all.

But not very long after finishing the ‘Everything is going to be okay‘ video last night a very strong impulse manifested in my gut and body and said ‘get rid of as much as you can right NOW’.

I said…”right now?”


I put it in caps because that’s how strong the impulse was. It was like a military Sargent giving orders, but much more pleasant!

So I went out to the patio and gathered up all of my Orgonite supplies. They went outside. (Next to the dumpster, people have been taking a lot of these things that I’ve been putting out.) It appears that the last pyramid I would pour would be for the Freemasons.

Then all the chairs and side tables I still had. They went outside.

Things I was going to give to my family when I saw them in a few weeks. They went outside.

They weren’t messing around!

Every time I thought, “just let me hold on to this until I see them…”

The emotion of “GET RID OF IT NOW” would reassert itself.

They gave me a huge energy burst for this effort. It was like being awake during the day and this was well past this old man’s bedtime. I didn’t fall asleep until around 1 AM.

After I had taken out the last thing they wanted me to take out, the feeling went away and I knew that the task was complete.

Now all I have is my bed, clothes, laptop, phone/ipod, camera, piano (going to give this away soon), bathroom stuff and kitchen stuff (including food) and a small pile of things I would take with me if I was asked to go to the Resistance or Agartha.

And interestingly, Gaiaportal just posted this today:


Of course I am not saying this is because of me, but I believe that is represents a snapshot of the current situation ‘behind-the-scenes’ which applies to everyone since we are all connected at the highest levels. (Our Higher Selves are giving each other High Fives!)

This is everything for now. Thanks to those who felt guided to check this out. Much love everyone!

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2 Responses to Another Giving Away Possessions Update

  1. truthearth says:

    Been getting lots of positive synchronicities to compliment these feelings. I’ve been delaying these changes for a while actually…Thanks for the concern friend 🙂

  2. I just hope your inner drill Sargent is a good guy and not a trickster trying to get you to give everything away, quit your job and end up homeless. I admire that you can choose to do this and not have it forced on you later.

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