Giving Away Possessions Update

Just wanted to share a few things in regards to this ongoing process which has manifested after my Dark Night of the Soul which happened the day before Cobra posted the Firing the Grid Update.

It’s quite interesting how everything seems to work out in a certain way and objects sometimes seem to have minds of their own. This has been the case with Orgonite as many times I have no idea who will inherit a newly (or previously) poured piece but when they do I get that ‘impression’ feeling throughout my whole body that says ‘Give this piece to them’ or ‘Leave this piece here’.

Such was the case when I went to ship a gold piece to someone. The cost of shipping it without insurance would have been $4.10. This was a synchronicity that pointed to a benevolent guidance for this object.

After trying to give away a beautiful Fluorite Obelisk I got some time ago to my Eye Doctor staff (they politely declined) and the postal store (they also declined) I decided to just hold on to it. Or so I thought..

While walking by a bus stop in front of the hospital the strong ‘impression’ feeling manifested and said ‘Leave it at the bus stop’. So that’s what I did. Leaving it there just felt right.

Today happens to be another synchronistic day as it is the 163rd day of the year:


163 happens to be position 1410 in the Pi calculator so here we see 410 appear once again:


Last night I was sitting down in my mostly empty apartment feeling so excited. I have no idea what will be coming next but this feeling is really deep and very positive. I’m about to make a Leap of Faith soon by likely quitting my job and there is little fear about it. It kind of looks like this right now:

Related image

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish everyone much love!

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2 Responses to Giving Away Possessions Update

  1. truthearth says:

    I’m afraid all I have is the one. In fact, and don’t laugh, but this is my third stone…one was lost and the other buried..perhaps you could post on Cobra’s comment section and ask for someone to send you one, I’m sure someone would be okay with this.

    Thanks for the kind words brother. Hoping you get your stone <3 Much love

  2. James Alberelli says:

    If you have any more of your stones (cintamani) or what ever. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking one off your hands.Good luck with you with the rest of your possessions give away. You are a very special person. I have a feeling that you are not much longer here on the surface. |Good luck with everything. Cheers, James Much Love.

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