Finally a Benevolent Final Destination Dream

I normally have several dreams every night. This has been the case since I was a child and a lot of them are recurring. Sometimes they are prophetic, possibly someone else’s or involving contact with other beings (partying with Ant people woohoo!) just to name a few examples.

One particular recurring dream was me driving down a freeway or some road, or being in a hotel or in the mall or in a school and always, always, always getting lost and then waking up. It was so frustrating. This could only mean one of a few things. I was lost in the physical world. I didn’t know which direction to take in life. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do and therefore became incredibly angry and frustrated at times. This reflected in the dream state.

But today was different. I remember driving on the freeway again with a friend and we were talking about how their visiting family would love to see this and that (I was remembering seeing homes decorated with X-Mas lights when I lived in Tucson) and we ended up getting on the wrong freeway (Doh!).

Well this turned out to be totally okay because we ended up staying in this beautiful and quaint cabin with the most amazing view of nature and stars in the sky. I think I remember waking up in the cabin and being so excited that we ended up there.

Image result for cabin stars day time

I remember looking up at the sky of stars and seeing a fast swirl of beautiful clouds forming. Everything had worked out even though I had gotten us all lost.

And this is how I feel now, In reality I should be lost because I don’t know the outcome of quitting my job. But actually I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time…and that’s relief and positive direction. Even though to me, right now, I can’t see the end of the road:

Image result for end of the road

I’m writing this because I have had this lost dream for years and now for the first time I experienced the same one, but with a happy ending, something I wouldn’t have expected. It felt important so that’s why I am writing it here now before I forget the details.

Thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love as always <3


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  1. truthearth says:

    Very true brother…no doubt for many of us it is just the beginning..Thanks for the positive encouragement, right back at you <3

  2. True George says:

    You may have a log road ahead of you but feeing relieved and relaxed will make it a stress less journey

  3. lmamer says:


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