New Gaia Portal Synchronicity

I like to follow the Gaia Portal website and the short updates they release once in a while. They are a great compliment to the other updates you will find from other sources on the web. They are always uplifting which is something that is nice to see.

Their most recent post (as of about an hour ago as of the time of this writing) manifested an interesting synchronicity which I am being guided to share here. This post comes after I wrote the June 21st Solstice Synchronicity report which contained many personal and divinely-timed synchronicities.


After reading this I was ‘prompted’ to put the text into the gematria calculator and wouldn’t you know it, something interesting came up:


1681 is the result of multiplying 410 x 410 (minus two zeros at the end):


Amazingly, upon looking into other synchronicities, I found that today’s date June 22nd is the 173rd day of the year. 173 contains the 137 which is a sacred and occult number:


173 in the Pi position calculator also gives us a synchronicity. Below we see 173 appear right after 1861, which is 1681 backwards:


If we add the 8 and 2 in the 428 we get 410 also.

This is everything ‘they’ are guiding me to include in this post. Thanks for checking it out and I wish each of you much love always! <3

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